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4/14 : to release The Static Herd, Beth Steidle read at McNally Jackson in NYC.

4/12 : The Vacation by Rosaire Appel on Sleepingfish.

4/12 : Calamari kin Brandon Hobson & Elizabeth Mikesch chat on The Beliver Logger.

4/8 : Deep Ellum reviewed in Heavy Feather.

4/5 : posted issues 4 & 5 of City Moon.

4/3 : Travel Notes reviewed in LA Review of Books & also in Full Stop & Fiction Advocate.

4/3 : Deep Ellum is now available digitally as dbook.

4/1 : Stanley Crawford's Travel Notes is now availabe. And the opening excerpt is up on Sleepingfish.

3/27 : Blake Butler on Niceties & witches in Vice.

3/26 : issues 2 & 3 of City Moon posted in the archives.

3/20 : Dennis Cooper shows Niceties some love.

3/20 : review of Deep Ellum in Electric Literature. And also in Metrosphere.

3/19 : next on Sleepingfish ∞ ... all of 3rd bed issue 4  embedded in its entirety.

3/6 : the first two chapters of Brandon's Hobson Deep Ellum are up on Sleepingfish ∞.

3/6 : Sleepingfish 12 is now available as dbook (PDF). As is Niceties.

3/5 : Gary Lutz—on juicy pips of language and the failed state of grammar—in BOMB.

3/4 : Brandon Hobson interviewed in Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

3/4 : Deep Ellum is #1 of 10 must-read books for March on Flavorwire.

3/3 : Deep Ellum by Brandon Hobson is now available.

3/1 : The Becoming reviewed in decomP.

2/28 : "Shifts" by Elizabeth Mikesch in Columbia.

2/26—3/1 : Calamari Press was at AWP in Seattle.

2/23 : "Toomsuba" (from Niceties) in Spork

2/21 : Deep Ellum reviewed in Atticus Review & also 'previewed' in Electric Literature.

2/19 : Derek White & Cooper Renner in conversation on Word Riot.

2/18 : Elizabeth Mikesch interviewed at Heavy Feather.

2/17 : issue 1 of Process News (a.k.a. City Moon), a newspaper published 1973-85 by David Ohle & Roger Martin, is up on Sleepingfish ∞.

2/11 : Niceties reviewed on KGB Bar Lit.

2/6 : The indefinitely ongoing (13th) issue ∞ of Sleepingfish is seeded w/ chapter 0 of 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' by Chaulky.

2/2 : Niceties gets play in HTMLGiant.

2/1 : Niceties is now available.

2/1 : Sneak peek at the forthcoming Travel Notes by Stanley Crawford.

1/13 : from now until end of January—buy a copy of Sleepingfish 12 & get any other Calamari publication of your choice free (just specify in paypal message).

1/12/14 : Cover & blurbs for Deep Ellum.

12/19/13 : Trailer & blurbs for Niceties.

12/13 : Ohle's Motorman reviewed in Revista Ñ.

12/6 : The Becoming & Niceties reviewed in Bookmunch.

11/19 : Peter Markus is teaching his online fiction workshop this winter. Contact us for details.

11/7 : Write-up of Sleepingfish & other lit journals in Poets & Writers.

10/31 : Ark Codex pages featured in new Map Literary.

10/24 : Peter Markus in action on PBS NewsHour.

10/21 : Sneak peek at the covers for the forthcoming Deep Ellum & Niceties.

10/18 : More online samplings from Sleepingfish 12 by Elizabeth Mikesch, Daisy Atterbury & Rosaire Appel.

10/13 : excerpt from The Becoming in 3:AM Magazine.

10/11 : Official Calamari Press 10-year anniversary (that we documented here).

10/10 : From Sleepingfish 12, works by Scott Bradfield and Gary Lutz posted online. More to come.

9/27 : Chiara Barzini discusses her Sister Stop Breathing in The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review.

9/24 : Texts from Ark Codex folio 0:1 up on Keyhole.

9/22 : Calamari Press was at the Brooklyn Book Festival.

9/10 : Brandon Hobson interviews Scott Bradfield on The Believer Logger.

9/4 : Blake Butler interviews Gary Lutz for Vice. Butler also profiled in Al Jazeera.

8/27 : Thoughtful engagement with The History of Luminous Motion on Grid Politics.

8/27 ... add to the below list of Calamari forthcoming: Laura Ellen Joyce & Beth Steidle. Stay tuned.

8/25 : What to expect in 2014 from Calamari (so far) ... books by Elizabeth Mikesch, Stanley Crawford & Brandon Hobson.

8/25 : Got some more copies of (the otherwise out of print) ma(I)ze Tassel Retrazos available for $5 ... as long as they last.

8/23 : The Becoming primer for the perplexed.

8/21 : Derek White interviewed by Mark Thwaite for ReadySteadyBook.

8/21 : Gary Lutz's Partial List of People to Bleach has been re-issued in expanded paperback/hardcover by Future Tense.

8/15 : The Becoming has become.

8/10 :Weston Cutter reviews The History of Luminous Motion for Corduroy Books.

8/9 : Scott Bradfield's Book Notes on Largehearted Boy.

8/2 : The History of Luminous Motion reviewed in Strange Horizons.

8/1 (thru 9/1) : under the auspices & Trilce (& other erasures, homophonic translations, performance & list poems) are 40% thrur SPD's BEACH reading sale.

7/30 : Sleepinfish 12 & The History of Luminous Motion are now available thru Amazon.

7/25 : The Becoming is at the printer & should be available in a few weeks. Apologies for the delay for those who pre-ordered it.

7/25 : Ark Codex ±0 is now available thru Printed Matter.

7/18 : Sleepingfish 12 is back from the printer & available.

7/17 : The History of Luminous Motion by Scott Bradfield is now available directly & in dbook form.

7/16 : Ark Codex as muated goat—interview with Nance Van Winckel n Numéro Cinq.

6/13 : Norman Lock & Matt Bell read at Community Bookstore in Brooklyn.

6/12 : sneak peek at the cover for Sleepingfish 12 & art from The Becoming on 5cense.

6/12 : Motorman now available in Spanish (strangely, with a tomato soup can on the cover) through Periférica.

6/3 : 3 shorts by Chiara Barzini in Dazed & Confused.

5/31 : Gary Lutz, John Haskell, Ken Sparling, Robert Kloss & Amber Sparks at Unnameable books in Brooklyn.

5/28 : sneak peek of art created for Sleepingfish 12.

5/9 : Calamari Press is pleased to announce that we will be re-issuing The History of Luminous Motion by Scott Bradfield. Stay tuned ...

5/6 : Sleepingfish is closed for submissions (stay tuned for issue 12), but Calamari Press is now open to new book ideas.

4/11 : Calamari Press is now offering 'Chef's Selection' packages of 5 & 8.

4/1 : Excerpt from the forthcoming The Becoming in Tarpaulin Sky.

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lifted skirt

The Static Herd by Beth Steidle

Travel Notes by Stanley Crawford

Deep Ellum by Brandon Hobson

Niceties by Elizabeth Mikesch

The Becoming

Sleepingfish 12

The History of Luminous Motion

[ complete catalog ]

The Static Herd
Beth Steidle

Travel Notes (From here—to there)
Stanley Crawford

Deep Ellum
Brandon Hobson

Niceties: Aural Ardor, Pardon Me
Elizabeth Mikesch

The Becoming

Sleepingfish 12

The History of Luminous Motion
Scott Bradfield

{ untitled : under the auspices }
sturnus vulgaris

Ark Codex ±0

Sister Stop Breathing
Chiara Barzini

Gary Lutz

A Mortal Affect
Vincent Standley

Boons & The Camp
David Ohle

Blake Butler

Derek White

David Ohle

Stories in the Worst Way
Gary Lutz

James Lewelling

The Hour Sets

Michael C. Boyko

Vaast Bin: n Ephemerisi

Michael Peters

Part of the World

Robert Lopez


The Revisionist

Miranda Mellis


Poste Restante

Derek White

Good, Brother

Peter Markus

The Night I Dropped Shakespeare On The Cat
John Olson


James Wagner

ma(I)ze Tassel Retrazos
by Derek White & Carlos M. Luis

Land of the Snow Men

George Belden (edited by Norman Lock)

The Singing Fish

Peter Markus

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The Blast
David Ohle

The Luminol Reels
Laura Ellen Joyce


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