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7/11 : In the name of art + bajo el nombre de anon I'm us, a.I. continues archiving their lives online w/ this pivotal chapter observing the solar eclipse in Mexico, July '91, representing the end of Telemachus's odyssey, in researching the forthcoming "SSEY' vol II.

6/14 : A bit belated, but Blake Butler's 1st book Ever turned a decade old earlier this year.

6/11 : To accomodate our smaller archival home we're having a surplus select sale—get bundles of books at a discount—2 for $15, 5 for $30 or 8 for $40.

5/26 : we had a moving IN sale at our new Calamari HQ in DC, purging excess possessions + selling some overstocked Calamari titles for cheap... yes, that means we've officially relocated back.

4/13 : In addition to retroactively archiving all his journals on The Daily Noose, Derek White is also posting his dream logs, that seeded Poste Restante + other of his works.

2/28 : review of Ark Codex ± 0 that we didn't know about until now in Her Royal Majesty.

2/27 : Calamari Archive's Info architeXture + d-Zine studIO is now open for bizness.

2/16 : Sound Furies video for SpqR + The Daily Noose.

2/8 : The Unheard Tapes is now on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, etc.

1/24 : Daily Noose #619: On failure, failing better, Faust, freedom + the currency to be uncool (w/ free DLs for Sound Furies un).

1/22 : Sound Furies video for "no parole".

1/11 : Sound Furies un is on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, etc.

1/11 Sound Furies reviews in Grotesqualizer + Left Bank Magazine.

1/7 : rewinding the Sleepingfish XIV mixtape on The Daily Noose.

1/5/2019 : 5¢ense is rebooted as The Daily Noose, w/ more of a music journihilism bend.

12/24/2018 : release the hounds—the album un by Sound ƒuries is here.

11/2 : Feliz dia de los muertos, here's a dbook of ma(i)ze Tassel Retrazos (2005).

9/20 : Sleepingƒish XIV mixtape is now available. For folks in the U.S. wanting the cassette, order before Oct 12 + pay only domestic postage (after that it will be international rate).

8/31 : sneak peek at 2 songs from forthcoming Sound ƒuries project (end of post).

6/26 : The dbook (PDF) of Sleepingfish 0.75 is now online. Enjoy.

5/16 : Peter Markus is doing his online workshop again this summer, in "3-day blows" between June 24 + Aug 22. Contact us for more info.

4/15 : economy of words 2017.

4/5 : A Raft Manifest reviewed in decomP.

4/3 : the 7th + final unit (A Miscellany of Malpractice) of The Gotham Grammarian has been posted. The complete unabridged version is now online.

3/9 : "Confessions of a Cassette Head: Redubbing The Unheard Tapes" in Quarterly West.

3/9 : Unit 6 (Punctuational Punctilio) of The Gotham Grammarian is now online, apologies for the delay.

2/29 : the unheard tapes on Sleepingfish, final post of the current online series. Now considering submissions for Sleepingfish XIV: a mixtape of music to be issued on cassette.

2/20 : In the spirit of the Maphattan Project, Cal A. Mari + his bedder-½ embark on RomeRioni, wherein they roam each rione of Rome, street by street.

2/8 : Flown & Canoodling by Maxwell Isaac Starr Oginz on Sleepingfish.

2/2 : The Unheard Tapes reviewed in Divide and Conquer.

1/22 : The Unheard Tapes reviewed by Beach Sloth.

1/15 : Calamari inventory is being shipped across the pond, so we will not be fulfilling direct orders for the next 6 weeks. When the books resurface we will fulfill orders from Rome (so postage will be cheaper for Europeans + more expensive for Americans). As always, books are available thru Amazon, SPD, etc.

1/10 : The Revisionist reviewed (in Italian) in Altri Animali.

1/8 : Unit 5 (The Comma-ist Manifesto) of The Gotham Grammarian is now online.

1/2 : Call for audio submissions: issue #14 of Sleepingfish will be a mixtape.

1/1/18: Eggs from Lord of Chaos by Drest the Elder up on Sleepingfish.