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From the author of the legendary MOTORMAN come two twined novellas—BOONS & THE CAMP:

BOONS, co-written with an eccentric and anonymous South African professor of entomology, deals with the cultivation of half-bird half-simian creatures called Boons. The professor travels the world in his search for a Boon he can mate with, perhaps love, and finds Ruthie, the object of his dreams and the subject of his oddball experiments.

THE CAMP takes place around a provincial mill that spins sheep’s wool into theatrical and Santa beards. In the mill camp, workers live in brutal poverty under Mr. Ganzfeld, a cruelly whimsical boss who lost his nose in a lightning strike and will commit any depredation to find a “real” replacement, including murder.

David Ohle: The Camp

Boons & The Camp

two novellas by David Ohle

100 pages (50 each way)

ISBN 978-0-9798080-8-1


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David Ohle’s first novel, MOTORMAN was first published by Alfred A. Knopf in 1972 under the nowlegendary editorial aegis of Gordon Lish. His short fiction has appeared in Harper’s, Esquire, the Paris Review, and elsewhere. A native of New Orleans, Ohle now lives in Lawrence, Kansas, and teaches at the University of Kansas. His last name rhymes with “holy.”


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