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In keeping with its "no-kill shelter" ethos, Calamari Archive is fostering Subito Press books, at least temporarily while they get back on their feet. The below Subito Press titles are now available thru Calamari/Asterism or Amazon, or if they are out of stock we are working on getting them back in print.

Our Colony Beyond the City of Ruins

Janalyn Guo

[out of stock]

Your Love Alone Is Not Enough

Richard Froude

[out of stock]

ever really hear it

Soham Patel

[out of stock]

When the Bird Is Not a Human

HR Hegnauer

[out of stock]



Maxine Chernoff



Michael Nicolof


Dear Enemy

Jessica Alexander


Confessional Sci-Fi: A Primer

Kirsten Kaschock


He Always Still Tastes Like Dynamite

Trevor Dodge


Sam's Teeth

Patrick Culliton


A Forest Almost

Liz Countryman



Henry Hoke


Someone Took They Tongues

Douglas Kearney


New Animals

Nick Francis Potter


To Think of Her Writing Awash in Light

Linda Russo


Sometimes We Walk With Our Nails Out

Sarah Bartlett


Letters & Buildings

Thomas Hummel


As We Know

Amaranth Borsuk
& Andy Finch


Liner Notes

James Brubaker


Domestic Disturbances

Peter Grandbois


The Cucumber King of Kėdainiai

Wendell Mayo


Because I Am the Shore I Want to be the Sea

Renée Ashley


The Explosions

Mathias Svalina


Vs. Death Noises

Marcus Pactor


We Have with Us Your Sky

Melanie Hubbard


Man Years

Sandra Doller



Alta Ifland


The Body, the Rooms

Andy Frazee


Bartleby, the Sportscaster

Ted Pelton


Moon Is Cotton & She Laugh All Night

Tracy DeBrincat


Song & Glass

Stan Mir



L.J. Moore


Self-Titled Debut

Andrew Farkas


Dear Professor, Do You Live in a Vacuum?

Nin Andrews


My Untimely Death

Adam Peterson


With One's Own Eyes

Sherwood Anderson


Little Red Riding Hood Missed the Bus

Kristin Abraham

[out of stock]