From Boog City Issue 30, Dec 2005:

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Eye, Eye, SleepingFish, issue 0.75, Derek White, editor, Calamari Press. If Exquisite Corpse or Fence or even Chain is your idea of an eclectic journal that encourages you to redefine your notions of what "poem," "text," and "journal" mean, then prepare to redefine that idea, too, if you intend to investigate SleepingFish. Rivaled in diversity of content perhaps only by Diagram, this journal dispenses with preconceived notions about what is "literary" in favor of texts and images that revel in both the pleasure and the difficulty of designing and seeing. Even the most accessible work in issue 0.75 (I'm not sure, either), such as prose poems by Sean McLain Brown, Peter Conners, and Daryl Scroggins, shares a visual/cinematic centering with Mexican Visual Poetry, smoke drawings by Stephen Hopkins, a static cinema piece by Selah and Noah Saterstrom, and schematic/texts by Kristin Prevallet and Chris Fritton that makes it quite difficult to tear your gaze from the work and even from the book itself, expertly designed with some of the best cover art around by editor Derek White. SleepingFish 0.75 is all about the eye and the mind's eye; lucky our eyes have it. -- Brian Clements.