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C78—Residue by MM/DD/2020
C77—Herd of Birds by Sound ƒuries (vinyl LP)
C76— 4ier X-forms by No One
C75—Textiloma; or, The Postmodern Epimetheus by anon I'm us

C74—3.3 x 3.3 = S.S. by Sound ƒuries [digital only]
C73—un by Sound ƒuries
[digital only]
C72—Sleepingƒish XIV mixtape (cassette)
C71—the unheard tapes by unknown artist (cassette)
C70—A Raft Manifest by Rem+Rom
C69—The Red Barn by Nat Baldwin [available from SPD]
C68—Beastlife by J’Lyn Chapman
C67—The Gotham Grammarian by Gary Lutz
C66—No Moon by Julie Reverb
C65—‘SSES” ‘SSES” “SSEY’ vols I + II by Chaulky White

C64—City Moon archives, ed. by David Ohle + Roger Martin [online only]
C63—The Luminol Reels by Laura Ellen Joyce
C62—The Blast by David Ohle
C61—The Static Herd by Beth Steidle
C60—Travel Notes by Stanley Crawford
C58—Deep Ellum by Brandon Hobson
C57—Niceties: Aural Ardor, Pardon Me by Elizabeth Mikesch
C56—The Becoming
C54—The History of Luminous Motion by Scott Bradfield [available from SPD]
C53—{ Untitled: Under the Auspices } by Sturnus Vulgaris
C52—Ark Codex ±0
C51—Wordtlas / Parolatlante by Luca Arnaudo & Aldo Bandinelli
C50—Sister Stop Breathing by Chiara Barzini
C45—Divorcer by Gary Lutz
C41—Stories in the Worst Way by Gary Lutz
C44—A Mortal Affect by Vincent Standley
C42—Boons & The Camp by David Ohle
C27—Motorman by David Ohle
C40—Ever by Blake Butler
C39—Marsupial : Our Mother for the Time Being by Derek White
C24—Tortoise by James Lewelling

C23—Bear Stories by J’Lyn Chapman [out of print—folded into Beastlife (C68)]
C22—The Hour Sets by Michael Boyko
C21—Vaast Bin : N Ephemerisi by Michael Peters
C19—Part of the World by Robert Lopez
C18—The Revisionist by Miranda Mellis [available from SPD]
C17—Poste Restante by Derek White
C16—Good , Brother by Peter Markus
C14—The Night I Dropped Shakespeare on the Cat by John Olson
C13—Trilce by James Wagner

C26—the false sun recordings by James Wagner [available from Amazon]
C12—ma (I)ze Tassel Retra zos by Carlos M. Luis & Derek White
C11—Land of the Snow Men by George Belden [ed. by Norman Lock]
C09—The Singing Fish by Peter Markus

C08—P.S. At Least We Died Trying by Wendy Sorin & Derek White [out of print, digital version]
C06—Bodh[i] Circu[it]s / Alg[a]e[bra] D[ra[in] by Derek White [out of print, digital version]
C05—O, Vozque Pulp by Carlos M. Luis & Derek White [out of print, digital version]
C04—Spiritual Turkey & Trap Jug by Sandy Baldwin & D White [out of print, digital versions]
C03—23 Text Tiles by Derek White [out of print, digital version]
C02—Mining in the Blac k Hills by Derek White [out of print, digital version]
C38—3rd Bed issue 11
C37—3rd Bed issue 10
C36—3rd Bed issue 9
C35—3rd Bed issue 8
C34—3rd Bed issue 7
C33—3rd Bed issue 6
C32—3rd Bed issue 5
C31—3rd Bed issue 4
C30—3rd Bed issue 3
C29—3rd Bed issue 2
C28—3rd Bed issue 1
C59—Sleepingfish issue 13 [online]
C55—Sleepingfish issue 12
C49—Sleepingfish issue XI [online]
C46-49—Sleepingfish issue X [online]
C46-49—Sleepingfish issue IX [online]
C46-49—Sleepingfish issue N [online]
C43—Sleepingfish issue 8 [available as dbook]
C25—Sleepingfish issue ZZZ
C20—Sleepingfish issue 0.9375
C15—Sleepingfish issue 0.875
C10—Sleepingfish issue 0.75 [out of print, free dbook]
C07—Sleepingfish issue 0.5 [out of print, free dbook]
C01—Sleepingfish issue zer0 [out of print, free dbook

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