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2-byte βeta Ei8ht ½-Loopƨ

by 1-wing 2can, et al  

iSBN 978-1-940853-23-9
104 pgs | $16

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> 2-byte βeta Ei8ht ½-Loops = αlphaNumeric txt/img objet that doezn't claim 2 B N-E-thing other than what iT eQuills 2 (den8ured eXposition of the underLying sorce code used 2 cr8 it, on sum quantum lvl) > naught only does the book eggknowledge the tecknowledgey used 2 bring it in2 ∃xistence, but iT reverses aↄcepted notions of «authorship» by inklooting u the reader in the eXpirement, folding 1 + all in2 the s&-boxed fabric of the 5elf-perpetu8ing feedbaↄk Loop

> the appointed «author» (1-wing 2can, et al) amounts 2 N-E 1 that acquires, reads ± engages w/ said book (the B-Low author5hip manifest will upd8 inkrementally), i.e. a crowd-$ourced weigh 2 propaG8 th over-arcHing U/X project 2 the next lvl (con5ider book az Ↄalamari Arↄhive $tock certifiↄate), thx 2 yr kind in-kind 5upport——

authors/5ponsors: 1-wing 2can, duncan b barlow, Geoffrey Gatza, diode, Marco Giovenale, Nicholas Barner, Mark de Silva, Kevin Sampsell, Printed Matter, Inc., Skylight Books, Joshua Bohnsack, Teo Rivera-Dundas, Seth Copeland, Eugene Lim, New Material Books, Kenji Siratori + [ your name here ]

if u don’t want yr name listed (or feel authorized 2 B part of the author-ship (naut that U halve 2 B N «authority») + R naut listed) lettuce know

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