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11/26 : Tributary #5 of 25 = «Pishon»

11/19 : Tributary #6 = «Gambia»

11/15 : 3 pieces by Meg Tuite up on Sleepingfish.

11/12 : Tributary #7 = «Congo».

11/5 : Track #8 off the forthcoming Tributaries album—«Ayung»—yet another river that runs regardless of us.

11/3 : portfolio of Bologna street art posted on Sleepingfish.

10/29 : finished flâneuring every street of Bologna for our perambulating porticos project.

10/29 : tributary #9 = «Oceanus».

10/22 : Sound Furies tribuatary #10 = «East» + last week's tributary was «Piscataqua».

10/8 : this week's river Sound Furies pay tribute to is «Sandy», a tributary of the Columbia.

10/1 : Stream #13 off Tributaries = «Gila-Salt», Sound Furies tribute to Tucson. It's the 1st track on the 2nd disc (if we put it on vinyl) which is now complete if u want to get it for $0+ (it's Bandcamp Friday). 1st disc to follow, 1 stream every Friday until 12/24 when the double album will be complete.

9/30 : Also on the Ↄalamari horizon for early 2022: Summertime in the Emergency Room by David Nutt. Here's one of the stories that appeared in New York Tyrant + another that appeared in Hobart.

9/29 : Ↄalamari is pleased to announce we'll be publishing Math Class by Kelly Krumrie (~early 2022), here's the opening excerpt from Sleepingfish 13.

9/28 : as an addendum to our how2 run an indie press post (sinɔe we forgot to say anything about rights) we posted this «publiɔhing manifesto part 2: ɔopyleft + the rites of writer's rights»

9/24 : Sound Fuires Tributary #14: «Red Nile».

9/16 : «Nimble sustainability: the ins + outs of indie book (+ music) publishing ala Calamari (vs. Tyrant)» on LitBoG.

9/14 : «HomeView» by Pete Stevens up on Sleepingfish.

9/10 : 2 more from Tributaries by Sound Furies: «Snake» + «Rom».

8/27 : «Fishkill» is Sound Furies tributary of the week, w/ artwork by MM.

8/25 : new on Sleepingfish: «Nuclear Forest» + «DreamTown USA» by Cecelia Chapman + Jeff Crouch.

8/20 : «Jordan»: tributary #19 off forthcoming Sound Furies album.

8/14 : Direct Select discount bundles of 2-3 books now available.

8/13 : Tributaries track #20: «Anacostia».

8/7 : "The Bone Home" by David Kuhnlein up on Sleepingfish.

8/6 : Track #21 off Sound Furies' forthcoming Tributaries album: Manú.

8/1 : Finished archiving 1998–1999 on Life in the Blog of Ghosts.

7/30 : Sound Furies Tributary #22 "Sacramento".

7/28 : Reflecting on the journey of Calamari as we transfer the physical archive to Pittsburgh.

7/23 : Sound Furies Tributary #23: "Tiber".

7/16 : Video + liner notes for Sound Furies Tributary #24: "Styx".

7/12 : "Updates for Machines" by Federico Federici up on Sleepingfish.

7/9 : Sound Furies are releasing a track a week for the next 25 weeks from their new album Tributaries, w/ accompanying liner notes on 5cense.

7/3 : After giving away 10,000+ free dbooks during the pandemic, we put a paywall back up for most, sorry, and thanks to every 1 for the interest.

7/2 : "Begin with error," by David Greenspan up on Sleepingfish.

7/2 : Residue by MM/DD/2020 now available as dbook.

6/23 : Calamari Archive is on Twitter.

6/22 : Garielle Lutz has joined us in the Calamari wheelhouse.

6/17 : rubBEing David-Baptiste Chirot in memeorandom.

6/12 : "she: part I" by Leuci Cidae up on Sleepingfish.5/1 : anon I'm us finished 1997 in their retroactive journihilistic archiving on Life in the Blog of Ghosts.

5/1 : anon I'm us finished 1997 in their retroactive journihilistic archiving on Life in the Blog of Ghosts.

5/1 : Residue by MM/DD/2020 is officially released, available thru SPD, Amazon, etc.

4/27 : 2 "Known Aliases" + "The Unquestion" by Red Dust on Sleepingfish.

4/21: Early single from the forthcoming Tributaries album, a tribute to Giancarlo DiTrapano.

4/11: We're releasing Residue a bit early, the first 20 people who order it directly from Calamari will get a free 5" x 7" original print.

4/7 : continued eulogy for G on Life in the Blog of Ghosts.

4/6 : The Believer posted a bunch of tributes to Giancarlo Ditrapano, including ours ("Dude, Where Did I Park My Motorino?").

3/29 : 2 by The Well Witcher in Sleepingfish 2020+.

3/17 : Excerpts from Residue in Heavy Feather Review.

3/14 : Kevin White's art + the Calamari HQ featured in Hyperallergic.

3/11 : The inventor of the cassette (Lou Ottens) has died, in honor we're giving out the unheard tapes for free (just "buy" the digital album for $0+ and provide us w/ your address).

3/3–3/7: In lieu of AWP (which we wouldn't attend anyway) we'll be virtually at the SMOL fair. They're giving out freebies + we'll be extra generous in our package deals (which includes the not-yet released Residue).

3/3 : 2 by Diego Goldstein up on Sleepingfish 2020+.

2/13 : The Clearing by Blair Hooper on Sleepingfish.

1/26 : Sleepingfish 2020+ (≠404) has been seeded w/ recent (post 2020) + forthcoming Calamari works by anon I'm us, No One, Sound ƒuries + MM/DD/2020.

1/25: posted the book trailer for the forthcoming Residue.

1/15/2021: Submissions are now open for Sleepingfish 2020+: "let sleeping fish lie".

1/1/2021: In anticipation of retroactively archiving our entire life online we've rebooted The Daily Noose as Life in the Blog of Ghosts.