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6/11 : the Calamari reprinting of Woman with Dark Horses by Aimee Parkison is now available.

6/6 : for it's 13-yr anniversary, we gave Garielle Lutz's Divorcer a makeover, revised w/ a new cover.

5/28 : cover/description/blurbs for the forthcoming No Measure by Kelly Krumrie, contact us if interested in an ARC.

5/23 : cover/description/trailer for the forthcoming Libretto Lunaversitol by Andrew C. Wenaus + Kenji Siratori, if interested in an ARC contact us.

5/22 : cover/description/blurbs for the forthcoming Tonalamatl by Steven Alvarez, if interested in an ARC contact us.

5/16 : sneak peek at what's in the works in coming months.

5/3: Michael Salu was at a Black to the Future event in London.

4/26 : The psychic surgeon assists, 2-byte βeta Ei8ht ½-Loopƨ, Ark Codex ±0 + other Calamari titles are available thru Printed Matter.

4/22 : finally swallowed our distaste for facebook + joined instagram.

4/14 : we support CLMP, but here's why Calamari is not a member ... rather than ask presses to pad mastheads w/ friends or faux names, they should ask them to stop charging reading fees.

4/1 Publi¢ 5ervice announcement: while we we feel for the presses caught up in the SPD implosion, you're better off w/ Asterism.

4/1 : The psychic surgeon assists by Zebulon House is in the house!

3/31 : Peter Markus will be teaching an "Everyday Objects, Luminous Things" workshop this summer (6/23—8/18), contact us for details/how to sign up.

3/23—3/31 @ Bushel in Delhi, NY : sound/image exhibition for Michael Peters' O Kind Vel’d Sparrow, an extension of the overarching Vaast Bin project.

3/27 : Calamari reissues of Endorsed by Jack Chapeau 2 an even greater extent by Ted Pelton + Cartilage and Skin by Michael James Rizza are now available.

3/24 : Titles discounted on Asterism to free up inventory: No Moon, The Luminol Reels, Ark Codex ±0, Marsupial, The Revisionist, Land of the Snow Men + The Singing Fish.

3/15 : new from Calamari—The Moons: Fire Rooster to Earth Dog by Yuxin Zhao.

3/8 : cover/description of The psychic surgeon assists by Zebulon House (forthcoming April 1) to wet your beak. Anyone interested in an ARC let us know.

3/5 : we added a 10-book omakase-style option to our direct select bundles, 10 pieces of Calamari for $50.

3/1 : Skewed inkLing of what's coming down the pike 4 Calamari on 5cense.

2/15 : Starcherone Books is back! 23 out-of-print books by Michael Joyce, Steven Hendricks, Aimee Parkison, Jonathan Callahan, Steve Katz, Kent Johnson, Blake Butler & Lily Hoang, Stacey Levine, Sarah Falkner, Raymond Federman, Leslie Scalapino, Donald Breckenridge, Joshua Harmon, Jeffrey DeShell, Harold Jaffe, Sara Greenslit, Peter Conners, Nina Shope, Kenneth Bernard, Aimee Parkison + Nicolette de Csipkay are now available through Calamari + there's more to come. Special thanks to Ted Pelton.

2/13 : Calamari is pleased to announce the re-release of New New Animals by Nick Francis Potter, revised + expanded w/ 2 additional pieces.

1/31 : zzz ><((°> XX (the Sleepingfish 20th anniversary issue), is here.

1/25 : even though we typically only announce things as they happen (not when/if they will happen), we hint at what's in the hopper on 5cense.

1/14 : Ↄalamari's annual state of the union address.

1/8 : For its 10th birthday/2nd printing, we redesigned Brandon Hobson's Deep Ellum with a new cover (+ it's available internationally on Amazon).

1/7 : cover + description of The Moons by Yuxin Zhao (forthcoming in March). Anyone interested in an ARC let us know.

1/3/2024 : Michael Salu's Red Earth is now available in digital (PDF) format.

12/30/2023 : year-end summary on 5cense.

12/29 : Math Class + Summertime in the Emergency Room make Jesi Bender's 2023 list of weirdo books.

12/15 : Calamari Archive published its 1st 3 chapbooks 20 years ago today in December of 2003.

12/8 : Michael Salu launched Red Earth in London at Peckham Levels + also read at the British Library on 12/5.

12/5 : Blake Butler launched his new memoir, Molly, at Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn.

11/24 : Our Direct Select bundles make good gifts—from any 2 for $25, to 8 titles for $50.

11/18 : The latest Beyond the Zero podcast features Michael Salu.

11/17 : we got vinyl for Sound Furies' TiME5 EDiT quicker than expected, so were dropping it early, today in fact!

11/8 : an apology to Subito authors as to why we had to pull your books.

10/30 : Last call, we're considering Sleepingfish submissions for another 2 weeks, until 11/15.

10/30 : Sound Furies posted the video, lyrics + liner notes for «Rea⅃-2-ЯeeL» on 5cense, so that makes all of side 2 of TiME5 ƎĐiT.

10/28 : Thrilled to announce that we'll be publishing The Moons by Yuxin Zhao, shooting for March 2024.

10/19 : Kelly Krumrie interviewed in Full Stop: part i + part ii.

10/17: «What Lies Beyond the Red Earth?» (prologue to Michael Salu's Red Earth) in The Paris Review.

10/16: Michael Salu's Red Earth has landed!

10/14 : Michael Salu launched Red Earth in Berlin at Gropius Bau, in a one-off performance (per set to "coalesce sound, words, image and space into a multi-sensual choreography on selfhood, grief and loss meshing towards nonhuman perspectives".

10/13 : The Center for Fiction is hosting a reading group on the influence of Gordon Lish + the 1st book being discussed (on 10/23) is Stories in the Worst Way by Garielle Lutz. Register here.

10/6 : Sound Furies will be previewing tracks ~weekly from their forthcoming album TiME'5 ƎĐiT, starting w/ the closer («Weathermen Waltz») + working backwords.

10/1 : Ↄalamari Arɔhive was at the Brooklyn Book Festival sharing a booth w/ Black Sun Lit, Black Square Editions + Ellipsis Press.

9/8 : David Nutt + Beth Steidle read in Mark De Silva's backyard in Brooklyn along w/ 3 Ellipsis Press authors.

9/6 : Michael Salu launched the comprehensive Red Earth Project site (for which the book is the source code for).

8/19 : an attempt 2 communic8 w/ the ghost of Kamau Brathwaite.

8/9 : book trailer/teaser for Michael Salu's Red Earth + also a blurb from John Freeman.

8/1 : Not only are the Subito Press books now available w/ our Direct Select bundles, but you can also include an advanced copy of Michael Salu's Red Earth in your selection.

7/31: Subito Press books are in the House! Come + get 'em.

7/22 : if any 1 purchased a kindle ebook of David Ohle's Motorman from Amazon, U were duped, request a refund... this was an unauthorized counterfeit + the royalties are going to a scam artist, not the real artist, David Ohle. If U show us proof of refund, we'll send U a free PDF version, in the format it was intended to be read.

7/16 : Revisiting back issues of Sleepingfish from the new Ↄalamari HQ.

7/9 : Ↄalamari Arɔhive had a return-to-NYC party @ Bar Great Harry in Brooklyn, also to celebrate the launch of 1/ 4 i am ĐNA + other books + albums released during the pandemic that never had a proper launch party.

7/7 : The SFUltra podcast is devoting the entire month to David Ohle. Just in time, as Motorman is now available as POD, so INTL customers can now get Motorman on Amazon in their country w/o paying crazy shipping fees. Sleepingfish 8 + Robert Lopez's Part of the Wold are also now available worldwide as Amazon POD.

6/30 : a print-on-demand addendum to our indie press nuts + bolts post on 5cense. For starters, Good, Brother + The Revisionist are available as POD, which means international customers can get these on Amazon in their countries w/o having to pay INTL shipping. Other titles to follow.

6/27 : We have copies of Michael Salu's Red Earth in the house! Contact us if interested in an ARC.

6/25 : New post on our 5cense blog: "The Great [PANK] Swindle: how We Intend To Cause Havoc by pissing in the tip jar," wherein we also the announce the news that Ↄalamari will be fostering Subito Press books, to help bring those 37 books back into circulation.

6/23 : Ↄalamari Arɔhive is pleased to announce it will be reissuing Laura Ellen Joyce's Museum of Atheism.

6/22 : excerpt from “Little Bee's Kindergarten” by Yuxin Zhao in Sleepingfish 2020+ ≠ 404. That wraps up this online iteration of Sleepingfish, we're now reading submissions for a 20th anniversary print issue.

6/21 : Kelly Krumrie's Math Class was a finalist for the 2022 Big Other Book Award for Fiction.

6/14 : new work by Elizabeth Mikesch in Sleepingfish.

6/12: sneak peek at the cover + description of the forthcoming Red Earth by Michael Salu. Those interested in an ARC contact us.

6/11 : anyone that gets a copy of Genesis direct from Ↄalamari can choose another title free, just let us know which one.

6/1 : after a decade or 2 incommunicado (not on social media), Ↄalamari enters 21st century + has a mailing list... sign up for occasional (~monthly) news about releases, events, etc.

5/25 : Ↄalamari is back in NYↃ.

5/11 : Sai Pradhan's "Composition" is up on Sleepingfish.

4/28 : the "source code" for Michael Salu's Red Earth arrived at Calamari Archive HQ.

4/25 : posted Insurance by Michael Salu on Sleepingfish. Also thrilled to announce Calamari will be publishing Salu's Red Earth, stay tuned.

4/16 : Prologue to Crux by Jesi Bender up on Sleepingfish.

4/9 : opening sequence from 1/ 4 i am ĐNA up on Sleepingfish.

4/8 : cover reveal 4 the 4th-coming 1/ 4 i am ĐNA.

4/6 : new work by Zebulon House on Sleepingfish.

4/1 : the self-authored Genesis is born to the world.

3/23 : sneak listen to "Air," from the forthcoming Sound Furies album Time's Edit.

3/22 : "for when she’d a thing" by phi!ip james shaw up on Sleepingfish.

3/9 : Ↄalamari dropped SPD + is now being distributed by Asterism, here's why.

2/24 : Ↄalamari arↄHive financial summary for 2022.

2/24 : And Why Not? by Addison Zeller up on Sleepingfish.

2/9 : David Nutt in conversation w/ Gina Nutt in Southwest Review.

2/5 : We have imperfect copies of Genesis available in advance.

2/2 : Next up for Calamari, Genesis, a self-authored found text. The book will be available 4/1/2023. In the meantime, here's the opening excerpt.

1/31 : David Nutt's book notes/playlist for Summertime in the Emergency Room on Largehearted Boy.

1/18 : Kelly Krumrie's Math Class is now available as a digital book (PDF).

1/16 : "Griefers" by David Nutt is up on Juked.

1/14 : David Nutt's Summertime in the Emergency Room is now available as a digital book (PDF).

1/13 : Calamari Archive will be shifting back to NYC in coming months + to ready ourselves for the move we're purging... here's some free art for any 1 interested (otherwise it's destined for the trash bin).

1/12/2023 : "Effigy" by Daniel David Froid on Sleepingfish.

12/27/2022 : Kelly Krumrie + Jeff Alessandrelli in conversation in The Adroit Journal.

12/19 : Summertime in the Emergency Room made Kelly Krumrie's, Greg Gerke's + Dennis Cooper's best of 2022 lists.

12/17 : "Tick Tock" by Mike Topp on Sleepingfish.

11/24 : excerpt from The Racket is Unbelievable by Maxwell Rabb on Sleepingfish.

11/21 : sneak peek at the cover + a track from the forthcoming (early 2023) Sound Furies album, Time's Edit.

To support the launch of Hist, Matthew Klane + James Belflower gave a host of readings/performances: 10/22 @ Unnameable in Amherst, MA, 10/29 @ Salon Salvage in Troy, NY (w/ Michael Peters + Kelly Krumrie), 11/16 @ PO Box in Chicago, 11/17 @ PS1 in Iowa City (w/ Danika Stegeman Lemay + India Johnson) + 11/19 in Minneapolis.

10/27 : Then Then Then (an excerpt) by Scott Daughtridge DeMer up on Sleepingfish.

10/27 : overhauling dispatch/status update on 5cense regarding upcoming projects.

10/1—10/15: Michael Peters had a sound-image installation @ Community Arts Network of Oneonta, NY

9/22 : Math Class reviewed in Full Stop.

9/1 : HIST by James Belflower + Matthew Klane officially streets.

8//29 : Jesi Buell reviews HIST in Exactling Clam.

8/22 : the newest piece up on Sleepingfish was generated using GPT·3 artificial intelligence.

(8/9 : Psst, HIST is available now if you get it from SPD or direct from Calamari.)

8/1 : book trailer + cover for the forthcoming HIST by James Belflower + Matthew Klane.

7/29 : new on Sleepingfish: «Exercises in Plebs Urbana Pdf Drill (An Excerpt)»

7/8 : Math Class = #7 for June on SPD Fiction bestseller list.

6/30 : Kelly Krumrie read @ Georgia art space in Denver.

6/28 : Calamari is going on a 6-month sabbatical (but still fulfilling orders), follow our exploits (or rather, Yours, since iT's written in 2nd person) on 5cense.

6/26 : (Untitled 1969) by Michel Vachey (translated by S. C. Delaney + Agnès Potier) up on Sleepingfish.

6/22 : Kelly Krumrie's playlist for Math Class on Largehearted Boy.

6/4 : Kelly Krumrie launched Math Class @ Pilsen Community Books in Chicago.

5/27 : Kelly Krumrie's Math Class is available now if you get it direct, or from SPD.

Nat Baldwin released an audio version of The Red Barn (w/ accompanying double-bass) on his cassette label Tripticks Tapes + did some readings in the NE to support the release, 5/14 in Winooski, VT @ Waking Windows Festival, 5/15 in Greenfield MA (the offiicial tape release show, w/ music) @ 10 Forward + 5/19 in Keene NH @ The Thing In the Spring Fest (w/ music on the 20th).

5/11 : The Magic Mountain by Budokan Boys (video directed by Tomek Popakul) is up on Sleepingfish.

5/9 : Robert Lopez is launching a new book—A Better Class of People—tomorrow @ Greenlight books.

5/6 : sneak peek @ cover of Hist by Matthew Klane + James Belflower, which we sent to the printer today.

5/5 : David Nutt launched Summertime in the Emergency Room in Ithaca, NY.

5/3 : Geschichten der übelsten Sorte, the German translation (by Christophe Fricker) of Garielle Lutz's Stories in the Worst Way is available thru Weissbooks.

5/2 : Arbuscules I-V by Morphic Rooms up on Sleepingfish.

5/1 : David Nutt's Summertime in the Emergency Room officially hits the streets!

4/30 : happy 57th B-day 2 Chaulky White, co-author of Textiloma

4/27 : why we quit Twitter, drinking + daily TV

4/26 : Nat Baldwin's The Red Barn is now available on cassette. There's a review of it on Which Sinfonia.

4/18 : updated our 52 desert island books.

4/17 : new on Sleepingfish: excerpt from Tractatus by Róbert Gál (trans. from the Slovak by David Short).

4/16 : added more bundles to our direↄt seleↄt options, any 5 of your choice for $40, 8 for $50, or omikase style where u pick 1 + we pick 7, for $45.

4/4 : Free the bytes! If u purchase (or purchased) any analog media from Calamari Archive we'll give u anything digital (PDF dbook, MP3 album) free, just add note to paypal or DM/email us which 1 u want.

3/24 : sneak peek @ cover + blurbs for Math Class by Kelly Krumrie (forthcoming 6/15).

3/10 : New on Sleepingfish: «The Rescue of Hist» by Matthew Klane + James Belflower (an excerpt from the forthcoming Hist).

3/4 : thrilled to announce that we'll be publishing Hist, a text/image collaboration by Matthew Klane + James Belflower. Here's an excerpt recently published in Diagram.

3/3 : «Jo considers water’s fractions» (excerpt from Math Class) by Kelly Krumrie up on Sleepingfish.

2/20 : reached post #999 on 5cense... if we published it as a paper-based book it would be 21,087 pages.

2/8 : Ↄalamari Arɔhive earnings report for 2021.

2/5 : the entirety of 3rd BED issue 1 was scanned + posted in Sleepingfish.

2/4 : transcribed journals from 2007 so now 5cense is complete, our entire life online, the being f.k.a. Derek White has become completely anonymous + posthumun.

2/1 : the state of Calamari Archive in 2006 NYC, the year we were litteruley hemorrhaging @ the seams but managed to publish 5 books on top of soul-sucking dayjobs.

1/25 : journal entries from when we launched Calamari Archive posted on 5cense.

1/24 : thoughtful review of Tributaries by BeachSloth.

1/24 : «Beatrice and Bone» by David Nutt up on Sleepingfish.

1/15 : «My Brief Marriage with Raúl» by Joe Aguilar up on Sleepingfish.

1/8 : «Cul de Sac» by Will VanDenBerg up on Sleepingfish.

1/6 : archived our emails from Gian.

1/4/2022 : rebranded 5cense + finished archiving journals from 2000-2001.

12/24 : for their 25th anniversary (as a couple) Sound Furies announce Tributaries, a double album w/ 25 streams, each a tribute to a river.

12/18 : New on Sleepingfish—«Compliance»—a fictional epistolary ekphrasis collaboration by Amy Bassin + Mark Blickley.

12/17 : Tributary #2 = «Niger».

12/10 : Tributary #3 = «Columbia», only 2 trax 2 go b4 all of Tributaries is released.

12/8 : Double feature up on Sleepingfish: «Be Seated» by Michael Martone + «The Skater» by Paul Maliszewski.

12/3 : Tributary #4 = «Dungeness».

11/26 : Tributary #5 of 25 = «Pishon».

11/19 : Tributary #6 = «Gambia».

11/15 : 3 pieces by Meg Tuite up on Sleepingfish.

11/12 : Tributary #7 = «Congo».

11/5 : Track #8 off the forthcoming Tributaries album—«Ayung»—yet another river that runs regardless of us.

11/3 : portfolio of Bologna street art posted on Sleepingfish.

10/29 : finished flâneuring every street of Bologna for our perambulating porticos project.

10/29 : tributary #9 = «Oceanus».

10/22 : Sound Furies tribuatary #10 = «East» + last week's tributary was «Piscataqua».

10/8 : this week's river Sound Furies pay tribute to is «Sandy», a tributary of the Columbia.

10/1 : Stream #13 off Tributaries = «Gila-Salt», Sound Furies tribute to Tucson. It's the 1st track on the 2nd disc (if we put it on vinyl) which is now complete if u want to get it for $0+ (it's Bandcamp Friday). 1st disc to follow, 1 stream every Friday until 12/24 when the double album will be complete.

9/30 : Also on the Ↄalamari horizon for early 2022: Summertime in the Emergency Room by David Nutt. Here's one of the stories that appeared in New York Tyrant + another that appeared in Hobart.

9/29 : Ↄalamari is pleased to announce we'll be publishing Math Class by Kelly Krumrie (~early 2022), here's the opening excerpt from Sleepingfish 13.

9/28 : as an addendum to our how2 run an indie press post (sinɔe we forgot to say anything about rights) we posted this «publiɔhing manifesto part 2: ɔopyleft + the rites of writer's rights».

9/24 : Sound Fuires Tributary #14: «Red Nile».

9/16 : «Nimble sustainability: the ins + outs of indie book (+ music) publishing ala Calamari (vs. Tyrant)» on LitBoG.

9/14 : «HomeView» by Pete Stevens up on Sleepingfish.

9/10 : 2 more from Tributaries by Sound Furies: «Snake» + «Rom».

8/27 : «Fishkill» is Sound Furies tributary of the week, w/ artwork by MM.

8/25 : new on Sleepingfish: «Nuclear Forest» + «DreamTown USA» by Cecelia Chapman + Jeff Crouch.

8/20 : «Jordan»: tributary #19 off forthcoming Sound Furies album.

8/14 : Direct Select discount bundles of 2-3 books now available.

8/13 : Tributaries track #20: «Anacostia».

8/7 : "The Bone Home" by David Kuhnlein up on Sleepingfish.

8/6 : Track #21 off Sound Furies' forthcoming Tributaries album: Manú.

8/1 : Finished archiving 1998–1999 on Life in the Blog of Ghosts.

7/30 : Sound Furies Tributary #22 "Sacramento".

7/28 : Reflecting on the journey of Calamari as we transfer the physical archive to Pittsburgh.

7/23 : Sound Furies Tributary #23: "Tiber".

7/16 : Video + liner notes for Sound Furies Tributary #24: "Styx".

7/12 : "Updates for Machines" by Federico Federici up on Sleepingfish.

7/9 : Sound Furies are releasing a track a week for the next 25 weeks from their new album Tributaries, w/ accompanying liner notes on 5cense.

7/3 : After giving away 10,000+ free dbooks during the pandemic, we put a paywall back up for most, sorry, and thanks to every 1 for the interest.

7/2 : "Begin with error," by David Greenspan up on Sleepingfish.

7/2 : Residue by MM/DD/2020 now available as dbook.

6/23 : Calamari Archive is on Twitter.

6/22 : Garielle Lutz has joined us in the Calamari wheelhouse.

6/17 : rubBEing David-Baptiste Chirot in memeorandom.

6/12 : "she: part I" by Leuci Cidae up on Sleepingfish.5/1 : anon I'm us finished 1997 in their retroactive journihilistic archiving on Life in the Blog of Ghosts.

5/1 : anon I'm us finished 1997 in their retroactive journihilistic archiving on Life in the Blog of Ghosts.

5/1 : Residue by MM/DD/2020 is officially released, available thru SPD, Amazon, etc.

4/27 : 2 "Known Aliases" + "The Unquestion" by Red Dust on Sleepingfish.

4/21: Early single from the forthcoming Tributaries album, a tribute to Giancarlo DiTrapano.

4/11: We're releasing Residue a bit early, the first 20 people who order it directly from Calamari will get a free 5" x 7" original print.

4/7 : continued eulogy for G on Life in the Blog of Ghosts.

4/6 : The Believer posted a bunch of tributes to Giancarlo Ditrapano, including ours ("Dude, Where Did I Park My Motorino?").

3/29 : 2 by The Well Witcher in Sleepingfish 2020+.

3/17 : Excerpts from Residue in Heavy Feather Review.

3/14 : Kevin White's art + the Calamari HQ featured in Hyperallergic.

3/11 : The inventor of the cassette (Lou Ottens) has died, in honor we're giving out the unheard tapes for free (just "buy" the digital album for $0+ and provide us w/ your address).

3/3–3/7: In lieu of AWP (which we wouldn't attend anyway) we'll be virtually at the SMOL fair. They're giving out freebies + we'll be extra generous in our package deals (which includes the not-yet released Residue).

3/3 : 2 by Diego Goldstein up on Sleepingfish 2020+.

2/13 : The Clearing by Blair Hooper on Sleepingfish.

1/26 : Sleepingfish 2020+ (≠404) has been seeded w/ recent (post 2020) + forthcoming Calamari works by anon I'm us, No One, Sound ƒuries + MM/DD/2020.

1/25: posted the book trailer for the forthcoming Residue.

1/15/2021: Submissions are now open for Sleepingfish 2020+: "let sleeping fish lie".

1/1/2021: In anticipation of retroactively archiving our entire life online we've rebooted The Daily Noose as Life in the Blog of Ghosts.