23 Text Tiles 

by Derek White

ISBN 0-9746053-1-X

36 pages; saddle-stapled; 28 lb. paper; 110 lb. cover stock; some pages and cover in color; illustrations; photos.

[out of print]

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23 Text Tiles is a 36-page chapbook of experimental text and images. “Text Tiles” are literary explorations into the discrete nature of the space-time fabric. Whether this quantum nature is a result of limitations in our senses or the true nature of an observer-independent reality is subject to the viewer's interpretation.

The pieces in 23 Text Tiles are visual experimentations heavy with textual reconfiguration, scanned inscription, found objects, visual props, and other genre-crossing devices. These help to quantify observation into discrete yet holographic packets of information that form an abstract and mythical mosaic whose interpretation is left to the reader.


Individual pieces from from 23 Text Tiles have been published in BathHouse, Word for/Word, Aught, Sidereality, gestalten, Generator, Xtant, DIAGRAM, perspektive (Austria), Shampoo, and Spidertangle, and are collected in the Sackner Archive.

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