1/ 4 i am DNA by in8 iD

1/ 4 i am ĐNA

in8 iD

ISBN: 978-1-940853-22-2
104 pgs


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excerpts + reviews:

— opening sequence (bit # 000–000 (hydrogen)) in Sleepingfish

— bit 000-101 (carbon) forthcoming in perspektive (print)

—bit-000-111 (oxygen) in Heavy Feather (in alternate, pre-crash form)

—bit 001-100 (aluminum) in swifts & s l o w s


As with any book, 1/ 4 i am ĐNA is no more than the tree-based, carbon-copy embodiment of a user/author’s indoctrination by the man-made technologies we use to attempt to replicate life experience into 2-dimensional visual language. ¼ of the way (or ½-way to ½-way) thru the overarching 64 chapter work-in-progress, U/X, the author (in8 iĐ) pushed the word processing software (i.Đ.) to the point of irreversible failure as they attempted to construct elemental (in a periodic tabular sense) multi-directional source code (for example, the 64-character string “and ma, i 4 1 live 2 emit ½ loops + flow H-self 4 tides reversed on 8 set animal peels” backwards reads “sleep laminates (8 nodes) reversed it 4 flesh wolf + spool ½ time 2 evil 1, 4 i am DNA”). The exact moment the i.Đ. document crashed beyond repair was when in8 iĐ copied and pasted the umlauted ö into the word “Möbius loop,” in effect the equivalent of dividing by 0. 1/ 4 i am ĐNA incarnates ¼ of a contingency rollback, a stopgap snapshot in ¼ time, a soft copy made hard, a hard-coded blueprint that can be used to “recre8” the original nonlinear 16 chapters of text/image back into self-organized, non-binary, re-sequenced neuroplasticity adaptable to even the uninitiated reader’s mind frame (to answer Hendrix's “are U/ Xperienced?”), to digest and “re4mule8” in their “one mined, 2” fuse with the silicon-based mainframe to become posthuman, for the book itself to have life beyond binary bytes on a crashed hard drive, to be decrypted and interpreted by any sentient entity.

From the “4word”:

Every book has an inherent design that searches for an author/publisher to realize it1 true to form. 1/ 4 i am ĐNA is a stopgap draft of the first ¼ of an overarching work-in-progress tentatively entitled U/X, a proposed 64-bit oracular “user guide of changes.” In the event that the author dies or the computer/software being used2 crashes irreversibly before the book’s completion, this hard-coded 16-bit blueprint can serve to reverse engineer at least the 1st quarter of U/X, which, in a holographic sense, also contains bits3 of the whole (the future book with ISBN 978-1-940853-88-8).

In the formulation of this quartered precursor (with ISBN 978-1-940853-22-2), the author (in8 iĐ) pushed the software (Adobe InDesign, referred to within as i.Đ.) to the limits of its capabilities,4 to the extent that it kept crashing and the source files were corrupted beyond repair. Some of what you see in this document is a result of this software stress-testing. In addition to being subconsciously indoctrinated by the i.Đ. software, it should also be noted that the biological being of in8 iĐ suffers from Ménière’s syndrome (and perhaps also a rare form of undiagnosed clanging disorder5 and/or numeric synesthesia),6 which afflicts them with near-constant vertigo, brain fog, vestibular migraines, tinnitus, and deafness in their right ear, disorienting them, but also perhaps enabling them to channel transmissions that “normal” humans don’t hear (or so in8 iĐ thinks... obviously they are far from a reliable narrator). Perhaps a “dog-8-my-homework” excuse, but this is why 1/ 4 i am ĐNA could not be actualized in readable, grammatically correct English. In effect, it is an as-is “ALT+PrintScreen” of the underlying code, intended to be deciphered after the fact by posthuman entities—for other sentient animals, cyborgs, and/or alien life forms trying to unravel and make sense of Homo sapien DNA/gene expression, at least of this singular, perhaps deranged, posthuman in training. And it's this putting of pen to paper that is the catharsis by which in8 iĐ unshackles from the human condition.

In the same fashion that the overarching (and perhaps ever-unfinished) U/X is nonlinear and can be read in various alternative rearrangements,7 it is suggested that the enumerated chapters in 1/ 4 i am ĐNA can be read sequentially in this prescribed order:8 1, 13, 9, 2, 12, 8, 5, 3, 7, 4, 10, 16, 11, 15, 14, and ending with atomic # 6, carbon (corresponding to the elemental chemical sequence H, Al, F, He, Mg, O, B, Li, N, Be, Ne, S, Na, P, Si, C). Or read into it however you will.


1 Where “it” = information technology.
2 Or, rather, it is the computer/software that is using the author’s fingers to manipulate the text and images in
1/ 4 i am ĐNA.
3 16 bits, in fact; or in the language of early-American settlers, “2 bits” = 1 quarter (0.25 of a dollar, or 12½ cents), so $2 worth.
4 Or, again, reversing the roles, the software pushed the user/author to the capacity of sanity.
5 Where word associations are formed based on numerology, not on meaning. For example, when in8 iĐ thinks “to associate,” they write “2 associ8,” and when they think “form,” they write “4m.”
6 Where one doesn’t see the color of a word, but the associated alphanumeric value of the word’s spectral wavelength.
7 See http://5cense.com/22/1048.htm, which also provides additional background material useful for understanding this book.
8 Or, in the binary numbering system used in this book: 000-000, 001-100, 001-000, 000-001, 001-011, 000-111, 000-100, 000-010, 000-110, 000-011, 001-001, 001-010, 001-110, 001-101, 000-101.


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