4ier X-forms

(by No One)
ISBN 978-1-940853-12-3
2020 / 144 pgs / $12

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4ier X-forms
("Fourier transforms") is a "decomposition" notebook compiled from 4 unique 1-of-a-kind art book objects assembled during the covid-19 pandemic under the pen name of No One—i.0, y.0, iiiiiiiiiii + 4!× (while only 1 copy exists of each of these 4 books, they can be viewed digitally by following the respective links).

These 4 art-book assemblages were constructed from a mounting accumulation of recycled household materials, every-day cut-up scraps from magazines + old discarded books; including scientific papers + remaindered books by No One written under various prior anon/pseudonymous identities. In addition to numerology, harmonic analysis/Fourier transforms were integral to the path the collaged pages of these 4 books took—the holistic notion that any signal or wave can be decomposed (+ thus reverse engineered) into a discrete sum of select building-block sub-waves/particles. 144 pages were selected form the 44 + 44 + 88 + 88 original pages + remixed (+ in some cases re-collaged digitally) in B + W for this 4-tiered replicable recreation.

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