Nat Baldwin: Red Barn


ISBN: 978-1-940853-09-3
233 pages

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The feral twin brothers Rem+Rom were born from the
headwaters of the Columbia River,
fathered by a rogue
member of the “Clueless + Lark” expedition and reared
by a she-wolf. They previously authored The Becoming.



In the wake of The Becoming, Rem+Rom become hyper-aware of their current state and build a log raft to “riverse ingenear” their father’s route that berthed them unceremoniously at the mouth of the “Colonvia” river—all in the name of “westword x-pantson”. To log their passage, the bastard brothers jury-rig their own DIY “landgauge” derived in part from Chinook jargon, Spanish, pirate and surfer slang, and backwoods Pidgin English (disseminated from a “courier” pigeon’s “messyjizz"), and a steampunk “riding” system “cannonballized” from books they “in-heretic” from their estranged “riverend (f)author” and decipher adrift on the river (his "illitterit" journals (rife with typos and dim-witted dogberryisms), TheEventshoresof Huckleberry Finn, Finnegans Wake and the Discovery doctrine of “maninfest dustyknee")—a written script that also marries “spittin' imedge” with text, down to “customb” typefaces cyber-rigged from a refurbished Remington, and that “messysorrylie inkloots” drafty copyedits to prove illegitimacy [sic] and that reads “backwoods” (by “trail + earhorror” they learn to read right to left since no one “tot” them “udderwise”). A dyslexic “hystorickle” story-line “devilips” in time (in the “reel moondough”) as Rem+Rom take turns “scooby divine” into the choppy floodwaters beneath the raft and pipe up the feed (akin to a dream log), and “off corse” their twined storylines reflexively “merehorror” the bona fide riding of A Raft Manifest—or “Huck Finnegans Wake,” if you will—exposing its progeneration.



Lexicon + primer for the perplexed (notes on the making of A Raft Manifest)




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