Beastlife by J'Lyn Chapman

J'Lyn Chapman: BEASTLIFE

ISBN: 978-1-940853-08-6
104 pages

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At once far and nearsighted, visionary and intuitive, this collection traces the uncanny coincidences and resemblances of the wilderness, mourning, the archive of natural history, the voracity for human flight, and apocalypse.

“We could nurse the wound of it or adjust. Beauty wants to replicate itself, and so I understood my craving to chew the blooms of flowers and to reproduce. It involved me and I was dripping with it, but when I reflected on my thoughts I found so much disfigurement. It was not so much that the bush burned without expending fuel but that the world provided endless fodder.”





BEASTLIFE contains the out-of-print BEAR STORIES, a chapbook published by Calamari Press in 2008.

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