The Hour Sets by Michael Boyko

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The Hour Sets

Michael C. Boyko

92 pages

ISBN 978-0-9798080-1-2


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The Hour Sets is a field notebook of sorts comprised of a tidy sequence of observational fictions by Michael C. Boyko. From the beginning:

"They are called the Hour Sets, and divided into hours, not because each cultural period lasts only an hour, but 1 hour is how long you must study the symbols of each cultural period in order to learn everything about it. The remaining 12 hours of each day are spent forgetting what you have learned about each cultural period, in the order you have learned it, by engaging only the symbols of your own cultural period. This is called sleep. In this way, all of history is learned and unlearned each day. All of history, our history, takes place on a restricted landscape, the same landscape we learn and unlearn upon...".

Excerpts and reviews of The Hour Sets:

Additional excerpts from The Hour Sets appeared in Sleepingfish and Denver Quarterly.

Hour Set 0 by Derek White

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