Jess & Derek's terriblly dated picture pages (for more recent stuff see 5cense)

Terrestrial Visitation to the Contemporary Mayan Underworld

Southwest Roadtrip 2004

Looking for Beef in the Bush of Costa Rica

In Search of Chupacabras and Dino Flagellates in Puerto Rico (and discovering Entropic Quantum Chaos in its Place) [1][2][3]

New Mexico Pics [1][2][3]

Bridge Trapeze & Fish Market Pics

Jess's pictures -- from her B&W photography class 

Siren Freakfest -- photo essay of Siren music festival 

Argentina Dec 2002

  Jamaica Dec 2002  

Northern California 2002

new cage in the jungle

NY City Scapes

Italy 2001

NY/Philly 2001

NY/Mystic/Bahamas 2000-2001

Barcelona, April 2001

Random Shots of America < 2000

Tucson < 2000

Climbing Pictures


Kevin Pictures


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