FREAKFEST! The Siren Music Festival, Coney Island, NY, July 19, 2003 

Si-ren: 'sI-r&n n. 1: any of a group of female and partly human creatures in Greek mythology that lured mariners to destruction by their singing 2 a : one who sings with bewitching sweetness b : Temptress 3 a : an apparatus producing musical tones especially in acoustical studies by the rapid interruption of a current of air, steam, or fluid by a perforated rotating disk b : a device often electrically operated for producing a penetrating warning sound 4 : either of two North American eel-shaped amphibians that constitute a genus (Siren) and have small forelimbs but neither hind legs nor pelvis and have permanent external gills as well as lungs



“Step right up, step right up and prepared to be AMAZED! It’s HERE! It’s REAL! It’s LIVE! The bands! The Acts! Behold the curiosities of nature! Eye-Candy! Ear-Candy! Sirens! Freaks galore! So tie yourself to the mast and surrender!”


"Come witness the spectacle! Watch as the hipsters from all the boroughs crawl out of the woodworks! Most of them are seeing the light of day for the first time since last summers Siren Music Festival! Watch as they file off the W line onto Stillwell Avenue! Before you even get off the subway you are serenaded by amateur street performers!”




"Marvel at the outrageous getups! See the fresh red-rimmed tattoos exposed to the light for the first time! See the snakeskin man molt! See the trendies squint through designer sunglasses! Come one, come all! Behold, as Radio 4 take the Stillwell Stage!”


"It’s a feast for the senses! Step right up to the main stage, smack next to the world famous Cyclone roller coaster!”




“Where else can you hear your favorite band from a roller coaster?! Step up, you in your rhinestone-studded flip-flops! Step up, you in your vintage boutique army boots!”


"In between sets catch the sideshow freaks or the impromptu stages cropping up with other bands! They are sprouting from the cracks in the pavement right before your eyes! Stop and smell the flowers with your loved ones!”




"And if you need to rest your ears, you can always go down to the beach to take a dip! Get some sun or have your picture taken with a real live snake! Gaze longingly into the waves and wait for your mermaid!”


"But watch out for the BIKINI WHALES!...”