(FREAKFEST! The Siren Music Festival Continued from Page 1.)

“Marvel as !!! (a.k.a chk, chk, chk the band with an unpronounceable name) gets everyone dancing with their eclectic rhythms. Watch the singer Nic Offer surf the stage and audience, supported by his scrum of midgets and Tom-Waits look-a-likes! It’s REAL and it’s FREE! Pinch yourself!”




"Feel the cool mist on your face as they hose you down with super soakers! Feel it on YOUR skin!”


"… All to set the stage for the moment we have all been waiting for! That’s right ladies and gentleman. its the hottest band of the summer... Hot Hot Heat!!”



“Does it get any hotter?!  
“Are you hungry now from all the excitement? Go get a world famous Nathan’s Coney Island hot dog, cotton candy or fried clam strips! Can’t find anywhere to sit? Eat standing up! Sit on the curb and wolf it down! You can satiate your hunger off the stench alone it’s so REAL!”




“Behold the healthy appetites of humanity all around! This fellow wears his pork chops on his face for all to feast on!”


"Thirsty now? Drink a 40-ouncer out of a brown paper bag, or drink spiked slurpees out of 2-foot pink plastic cups that you can keep! Step right up!”


 "Imbibe! Belly up to one of many bars. Be tempted by all the icons of our consumer culture! Give in to the temptation! Don’t just drink it! Wear it on your sleeve! The old brand names you have forgotten are the latest fashion!”