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The compendium of tablets that comprise Genesis is reported to have been recovered by archaeologist Eric Larson at an excavation site near the Nile Delta, under the direction of senior archaeologist Grant Gilson. The team had visited the site to investigate a purported companion tablet to the Rosetta Stone when the text of Genesis was discovered. Though carbon-based, the tablets and capsule in which Genesis was embedded are composed of largely unidentifiable matter. While speculations are rampant regarding its nature and origins, radiocarbon dating suggests Genesis originated approximately six million years ago, which attests that any apparent relation to Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species is purely coincidental. Scholars and scientists alike contend that the tablets bear no relation to the Rosetta Stone, maintaining instead that they originated independent of human authorship, and that Genesis has therefore materialized and organized itself, apart from all volition or intention, at random, by virtue of the unconscious operations of natural laws and evolutionary phenomena, free from the interference of an intellect with which it may otherwise be associated or attributed.

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