Hist by James Belflower + Matthew Klane


by James Belflower + Matthew Klane

ISBN 978-1-940853-16-1
66 pgs / color / $28

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HIST is a lightbright apocalyptic 19th century text-image blockbuster populated with behind-the-screen metaphysical rescues, chases, shipwrecks, love affairs, murders, hauntings, monsters, demonic possessions, and ritual offerings.

"James Belflower and Matthew Klane’s Hist is as much a hallucinogen as a comic book, refiguring 19th-century imagery into pixel-crushed pages of gorgeous comics pulp. Here, everything’s glitched, distorted, and swimming in digital debris, resulting in a noisy-beautiful poetics steeped in granular horror, punk, and bursts of neon vaporwave. Innovative and brilliant—I can’t think of anything quite like it."—Nick Francis Potter

Excerpts + Reviews:

—Jesi Buell reviews Hist for Exacting Clam

—"Canoe Chase on the Horican" in Diagram

—"Birch in His Cottage" in Anomaly

—"Wreck of the Royal Caroline" in Harpy Hybrid Review

—"Pigeon Shooting" in New Delta Review

—"The Thicket on the Prairie" in Word For/Word

—"The Rescue of Hist" in Sleepingfish

Matthew Klane is co-founder of Flim Forum Press. His books of poetry include Hist (w/ James Belflower, Calamari 2022), Canyons (w/ James Belflower, Flimb Press 2016), Che (Stockport Flats 2013) and B (Stockport Flats 2008). An e-chapbook from Of the Day is online at Delete Press, an e-book My is online at Fence Digital, and a chapbook Poetical Sketches is available from The Magnificent Field. He currently lives and writes in Albany, NY.

James Belflower is Teaching Assistant Professor at Siena College. As an interdisciplinary poet and critic, his work investigates how language mingles us with matter. He is the coauthor of the multimedia project Canyons (Flimb Press 2016) with Matthew Klane; The Posture of Contour (Spring Gun Press, 2013); Commuter (Instance Press, 2009); and Bird Leaves the Cornice, winner of the 2011 Spring Gun Press Chapbook Prize. His work appears, or is forthcoming, in Postmodern Culture, Journal of Modern Literature, Diagram, and New Delta Review, among others.

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