The Becoming

NICETIES: Aural Ardor, Pardon Me

by Elizabeth Mikesch

ISBN (13): 978-0-9831633-9-8

88 pages

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NICETIES is a subversive text of lingual dissonance in which vocality precedes sense-making operations. Its phonics disrupt narrative through syntactical atonalities.

“If you’re weary of mild, obedient prose, try plunging into the pages of Elizabeth Mikesch’s exuberant debut. This book is witchcraft: stories refreshingly loosely translated from the real by a mind that moves on its own.”   

—Noy Holland

“It will hardly do the trick to say that NICETIES is a breath of fresh air. In Elizabeth Mikesch’s compressedly melodious prose, a reader inhales purifying drafts of something entirely unexpected in these literary dog days—not some novelty intoxicant concocted as a careerist stunt but some rarer ether releasing itself at long last into the world to dazzle, yes, but also to clarify so much of what we had never dreamed clarifiable about the ecstasy of our human mess.”

—Gary Lutz

“What the fiction that is Elizabeth Mikesch’s knows is more than what most other fiction knows. Mikesch makes in ways that makes speech both impossible to say and impossible not to say. Oh but to say it sayingly. Her way of saying is one in which speech comes before meaning and meaning is best left to the music—makers among us. The music, in Mikesch’s hands, is a musicality that makes the entire body into an ear. Listen, listen, and be changed.”

—Peter Markus


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