Nat Baldwin: Red Barn

Nat Baldwin: The Red Barn

ISBN: 978-1-940853-10-9
82 pages

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“In The Red Barn, Nat Baldwin decomposes narrative's safe spaces. The symbols in the nightmare landscape are nothing other than themselves. Nails. Boards. Tubs. Chains. Buckets. Teeth. A story of boys is stripped sentence by sentence. What's left is the brutal music of language laid bare.”—Joanna Ruocco

“The blades, the rust, the dirt, the mouth, the meat, the blood, the sun, the glass, the skin, the word, the lake, the graves; it’s a pristine and elemental form of fiction that Nat Baldwin renders, distilling language and image to its most primal animation. Like seeing slides of color pass before your face in darkness. Like remembering how to read.”—Blake Butler

“Nat’s prose collects a menagerie of bones, hair, rot, maggots, voids, and father-objects. Think: ambient horror, which describes reality. I admire how sense arises from sound in Nat’s work, and how this sense acts as both a noun (an intuitive awareness) and a verb (to perceive). In these stories, the abyss shines with dark light.”—Claire Donato




Nat Baldwin is a musician and writer from Maine, currently living in Western Mass. He’s released several solo and collaborative works and runs the experimental music label Tripticks Tapes. The Red Barn is his first book.


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