Ragnhildur Jóhannsdóttir

[MMX.Xii.i] Ragnhildur Jóhannsdóttir: 6 images Jóhanns

Ragnhildur Jóhannsdóttir  [ ... ]
Robert Lopez: The Rubber match

[MMX.Xi.XXii] Robert Lopez: The Rubber Match

A man dressed like a magician outside a five and dime.

I sometimes go months without seeing the white hair that grows out of my forehead. [ ... ]

David-Baptiste Chirot

[MMX.X.iiXX] David-Baptiste Chirot: 10 images

dbc stripper  [ ... ]
zell stitches

[MMX.X.iii] Michael Zell: excerpted from Stitches of Light

Embossed six-dot configurations are used to indicate letters and I remain in control of my drafts and editing. It does take longer than the old method, but regardless, I find it more fitting than say, dictation. A fair amount of time was necessary to grasp the mysteries of the braille code, but as I was told, very few here in Mexico City have one of these special braille typewriters, so all in all I have no [ ... ]
Jack Boettcher

[MMX.iX.XXi] Jack Boettcher: Bodies and Departments

It arises according to the technological alteration of such variables as light, time, and perceived mental stamina, as well as shifting consideration of values—particularly, it is thought by some sleep scientists that widespread insomnia will at some point evolve into a condition similar to Bellicose Parasomnia in the more prosperous and late-to-dine territories, such as Spain, just as sleepwalkers will  [ ... ]
Elisa Mishto

[MMX.iX.Xiii] Elisa Mishto: Deep into the Water

Elisa Mishto  [ ... ]
Heather Palmer

[MMX.iX.Viii] Heather Palmer: Crimped, Gunwales Under

Fish go under a deeper current and leave shallow waters for gulls to suffer starvation. A distant cliff proves another land to steer away from, bird as warning of close calls. Bebe Faye climbs algae trees to see better the coming rain, the sun a gloomy red to fall into the ocean. Standing below, Platt prepares string to kill bird, abandons fishing for fowl. His orchards sway with the winds Bebe Faye   [ ... ]
Anthony Mariani

[MMX.Viii.XXXi] Anthony Mariani: The University Pub

... -referencing known minutiae against the philosophies––gnarled cords of phrases inhabited by prepositions like so many parasites, pronoun/antecedent disagreement, hash––the good doctor arrived at the sparkling conclusion that influence manifests production, whole words being coughed up at intervals inversely proportionate with the capabilities of hands, feet. A fire erupted in her belly  [ ... ]
Simone Pelligrini

[MMX.Viii.XXiV] Simone Pellegrini: 5 images from JUS Il Giusto nel suo mondo

Simone Pelligrini  [ ... ]
Duncan Barlow: Language Transients

[MMX.Viii.XiX] duncan b barlow: A Study of Language Transients

To obtain the language data necessary for this study, we had to hold repeated sessions with bilingual language experts and with the aid of a new translation throat box fastened to our necks, which translated the vibrations emitted from our speech to aid in our communication. Our language experts identified the settlements that were off the major travel routes and always traveled with us to   [ ... ]
Luca Arnaudo

[MMX.Viii.iX] Luca Arnaudo: The Shepherd

... different worlds face each other indefinitely till one gives way to the other one and you are unable to understand where you pass the break-through line. Or he inspected the old uncared-for industrial buildings. He appreciated the isolation of similar places, the discrete spectral densities, the feeling of warm mitigation they offered in the apparent absence of any minimal involvement to life.   [ ... ]
Carla Rak

[MMX.Vii.XXiX] Carla Rak: 5 collages

carla rak strip  [ ... ]
Chiara Barzini

[MMX.Vii.XX] Chiara Barzini: Volcanoes

I sat on a rock. There were seagulls in the distance and the sun was summery. The bull was calm so I fell asleep. My throat was parched but I didn’t bother to find water because I knew he would be back for me with buckets of water and juices. I ate weeds, then inscribed my name upon the highest stone in the mountain.I made a ball from manure and played with it imagining the crater as a large   [ ... ]
Jasmine Golestane

[MMX.Vii.XiX] Jasmine Golestaneh: 3 collages

 jasmine strip [ ... ]
marc t. wise: hoofsplit

[MMX.Vii.XViii] marc t. wise: hoofsplit

Perhaps our attention to detail suffered. Once the fact of water made its way through the necessary channels—our communication suffers its clarity for time—there was a rather large relocation. The S ended. The Beavers, gone. Now, there was more of a possibility than ever for some of the satellites and scouts to return home. What follows is a necessary push.   [ ... ]

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