Calamari Press Chef's selection

In omakase meets Pandora style, Calamari Archive is now offering a chef's selection of books from the archives in set packages of 5 and 8:


you select any 1 book from the catalog
& Calamari will pick 4 more



you select any 2 books from the catalog
& Calamari will pick 6 more



* Price includes postage (for US (INTL foks contact us about rates)).
* Subject to availability, please check catalog first (should have a "buy book" button next to it). Available books also include 3rd bed titles.
* If you already have certain Calamari Archive titles, specify in the paypal 'special requests' field & they will not be included.
* You can also request additional titles (beyond the one or two), but we can't guarantee they will be included.
* A complimentary dbook appetizer will also be provided while you wait (also request on the paypal form).

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