Gary Lutz: Divorcer



Garielle Lutz

ISBN 978-1-940853-29-1
2nd edition

108 pages


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DIVORCER is a collection of seven harrowing and hyperprecise short stories about ruinous relationships and their aftershocks. Originally published in 2011, this is a revised 2nd edition.

Divorce hands


Lutz is a master prose stylist. . . . Lutz succeeds where so many other language-obsessed writers fail, because his narratives rise beyond the lexical tricks of which they’re composed. Give yourself over to the contorted logic of this book and you come away lugubrious yet exuberant, having lived for a time in a reality at once shattered and inspired. . . . [H]is work gathers a remarkable strength, allowing him to battle convention and win.” — Bookforum

. . . Lutz displays an innate understanding of the grim compromises of modern life but heightens and glorifies these with his dizzying language. He refuses to let the dreary world force him to write a dreary sentence.”
Paris Review

Gary Lutz is one of my very favorite prose stylists, and his new story collection Divorcer . . . might be his best ever.” — Dennis Cooper

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Garielle Lutz is the author of the short-story collections STORIES IN THE WORST WAY (Calamari Press),    
I LOOKED ALIVE (Black Square Editions/The Brooklyn Rail), and PARTIAL LIST OF PEOPLE TO BLEACH (Future Tense Books).


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