Libretto Lunaversitol:

Notes Towards a Glottogenetic Process

by Andrew C. Wenaus and Kenji Siratori

ISBN 978-1-940853-27-7
88 pgs / $16

forthcoming 1 Aug 2024

An accompanying musical soundtrack (available on cassette or digitally) will be released in tandem, by Wormwood (Wenaus and composer, soprano, and keyboardist Christina Marie Willatt).

Cover images for both the book and cassette were adapted from the artist book Particulates by Rosaire Appel.


LIBRETTO LUNAVERSITOL: NOTES TOWARDS A GLOTTOGENETIC PROCESS is a work by Andrew C. Wenaus written in patamathematical formulae and International Phonetic Alphabet and is accompanied by 18 biomorphic figures by iconoclastic multimedia artist Kenji Siratori. A xenopoetic musical score and work of optical poetry that looks to the Zaum experiments of Velemir Khlebnikov and Alexei Kruchenykh, the book speculates on a sudden emergence of a super-hybrid technical language autopoietically organizing itself into existence outside the experience, knowledge, or access of humans. In this sense, the book can be thought of as an extended analogue to or visualization of the ways autonomous informational processes optimize themselves in the black box of big data in ways that we cannot understand without undergoing similar emergent transformations ourselves. Steadfastly opposed to purity and essentialism, the book calls for the entirety of time and space and its attendant objects, processes, and concepts to parasitize literature and poetry. From this super-hybridity will ultimately emerge the song of Zaum, the language of the stars, the technical word as such, that is, universal emancipation.

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