Derek White Mining in the Black Hills


Mining in the Black Hills 

by Derek White

ISBN 0-9746053-0-1

36 pages; saddle-stapled; 28 lb. paper; 90 lb. cover stock; illustrations; photos.


[out of print]

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The “poems” in Mining in the Black Hills are visual experimentations heavy with textual reconfigurations, visual props, graphics and other genre-crossing devices. The unifying theme is sense of place—whether this is a geographical awareness, or a reminder that the world exists solely within the boundaries of our senses.


Individual pieces from Mining in the Black Hills have been published in perspektive, gestalten, BlazeVox, Aught, Lost and Found Times, Score, Generator, Swirl, Ampersand, Xtant, Rife, Shampoo, Indefinite Space, Swirl and DIAGRAM and have been catalogued in the Sackner Archive.


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