The psychic surgeon assists

Zebulon House

ISBN: 978-1-940853-25-3
84 pgs


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The psychic surgeon assists crawls the psychotronic pornotopia of a New Hampshire after the future. In this speculative territory—afflicted with a gothic depopulation, and obscured in falls of ash, of snow, of dust—a traveling theater troupe works to articulate a trans erotics. Their play draws on latter day disjecta membra—among them, the surgical sex scenario which gives the work its title—to open as yet occulted heterogenous zones.

Here are clicks and clots, the crucible exchange of effluents: runnels of blood, flumes of chrism, clear urine, snot. Here are obscene valances and visual overlays, camed viewscrines and plumes of come. Here are thallus, prosthesis, trabecular bone, and florcock. Here are hands wound on hir clock, and the glansing despair tobefuckedwithit.

The Psychic Surgeon Assists
by Zebulon House thrills with evocative, invented words transmitting visionary images, pornographic beauty, and narrative subversion. This exciting combination of intoxicants conscripts the reader into the position of surgical assistant assembling the living folio cited in the text. Simultaneously, it performs an operation on the reader/participant by requiring perceptual gymnastics and inciting erotic horror and fascination. The frightening transformations of its characters are demonstrated by the evolving language, which is exquisite. A lovely, perverse book that reminds us English is a living language.
—Joe Koch, author of The Wingspan of Severed Hands and INVAGINIES

Zebulon House's The Psychic Surgeon Assists is relatably psychotic. From the delirious mundanity of a catalog of postal service vehicles to the animism and terror of a world where a nurse's scrubs are also an aquarium, this is a book about the violence and tenderness required to cut each other open and make each other whole.
—Laura Ellen Joyce


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