EVER UNDER DECONSTRUCTION [in a Derridean cense]: What follows [con <nofollow tag>] = a live online cerealization uv thriver meme as s/he's writ en ℝeel-time ∴ subjec to change w/o notiss [w/ no appy polly loggies!]. S/he's a living dogument yo, ever evolving in flux un till if/when s/he beecomes publiched on dead tree pulp.

thriver meme
              : a posthumun autobiopsychogeography uv anon I’m us


▶︎︎ We think thriver meme debit begin w/ the parole «we» ergo inizia con we1, begetting thriver meme. We's driven by the river w/in us, the river dat's in our jeans. On the eve b4 we [●] stet soñaring rêve dat beget qwest0 virtual lieboro we slept in a river bed, uv the Colonvia river to bee x-act, wear s/he enters el Pacifico. We biographed our story2 ya, bud now [at the risk uv bean expository] wheel tell u what dem mean. ¿S este lieboro fact o ficcion? Dare ain’t no verdads xcept them dat survive + thrive, feel me me s-ay?

22/11/2019 | DC> We wake conchus + compittent, fooly awear uv our surroundings, uv what comes b4 + lies a head. The humun body dat types us was born the day we wake in the Colonvia riverbed. Don't madder hoose body s/he was/is, call 'er the «carrier freakwindsea» dat prop-a-gates our raydio signul + wheel label dat harmonic freakwindsea: 22/11/66 just cuz humuns need to #tag ppl + IDeas for refrence sake, sew we can agree on who/what we's tocking a bout, buey. 22/11/66 = the hystorical preseedeant dat god us hear, bud the life uv 22/11/66 ain't relevant so mush as the IDea uv us dat survived to tell hys tory in «lay-man» terms... knot dat we assume u = a man, we's just stuck con estas palebras we a'greed up on. In fact, weed like to think u the reader ≠ man nor woman, bud posthumun... dat's the target demographic we rite 4 [ola!] + sorry the predominant landgauge gots to bee in glish [con un po de spañole o anche italiano + français... lo que sea lengua dat inhabits/fits the momento] or coded pidjin glish at best. Unfortunately inglish seams to bee the pre-dominant communeacakeshun viral forze spreading memes. Is dat what we is, un meme? Haha, u godda keep reeding 2 el fin del lieboro [if ever s/he ends] 2 fined out. OK, wheel let u in on 1 thing... we = a verb, not a noun... certainly not a pronoun, forse riverbero. Perro hay ½ uv we [de revés o capovolta] in meme, see: .

> Ain't relevant who/what we is sew much as how the bwody we inhabit god hear, the story uv witch we tolled ya in The Becoming, bud even dat don't matter nun so much as the fact that we = hear. Dat we survived a nother day [21/11/2019 to 22/11/2019 to bee x-act... witch makes her a toetill uv 19,345 dayzzz weave survived on dis planit.][+ sì, mañana's our bwody's 53rd b-day ∴ feliz cumpleaños, buey!] Perhaps sum knowledge uv memes + selfish jeans is required to read this tho, both IDeas attributable to Richard Dawkins, but dat don't matter ether who came up w/ these silly memes [the IDea dat a meme = a meme makes our noggin spin yo! + a meme = a meme = a meme... ad infinitum], bud humuns are wierd like dat, how they always godda take credit for coming up w/ n IDea. Then subseakwind sighingtists + philofficers git so hung up giving credit wear credit's do dat they can't see the forest thru the trees, to mix a meta4. Fact is we always ∃xisted [like how a tree falling in a forest w/ no humuns around makes a sound] but we knead humuns to spill us out [not to menshun 2 keep the power on]. Y? Cuz utterwise weed die yo! Like humuns due, eventually. As detective Gaff says to Decker in Bladerunner [after slipping hym the origami unicorn] «Too bad she won't live... but then again, who does?» Bud once we [this dogument] ∃xist, or rather once we git publiched or uploded to Inurnet, then we kin thrive + cuntinew to ∃xist til the end uv eternidad, witch seams to bee drawing near, in humun terms. Hasta la vista, bebes! Qwestshun is, will dare bee sum sorta posthumun form [beit animal, cyborg, replicant, mashene ± life form from an udder planit dat will find us + bee able to decode dis? The hystery uv humanidad as typed thru the carrier freakwindsea 22/11/66...]

> 2 establish a connexion + proper communeacakeshun channels, we god 2 due dat hand-shaking protocol [cue old shcool 56k modem noize] to verify dat our text is unique, dat «the medium is the message» as Marshall McLuhan says, but again, no s importante who said what... McLuhan's purpoise on dis planit was to carry the messedge dat «the medium is the message» [or the massage] to his fellow humuns + now his roll is dun + he dead, but his messedge carries on living. McLuhan = the medium yo! This communeacakeshun channel at freakwindsea 22/11/66 nessysorrily gits writ in a unique landgauge such dat s/he don't need to bee sined by no humun, for «why, pray, sign anything as long as every word, letter, penstroke, paperspace is a perfect signature uv its own?» as Joyce says, in Finnegans Wake, uv witch our preseeding lieboro A Raft Manifest = a retelling uv [entangled also w/ Huckleberry Finn... morphing into Huckleberry Finnegans Wake, if u will]. We don’t pertend to go it alone, brudder Strummer. ♫ Cuz Lundone is drowning + I live by the river ♫ [the river Thames dat is]. Todo's bin said xcept COMO say dice. HOW.

... kin we keep her up es la pregunta, kin we keep propagating hour self on bandwidth 22/11/66, keep her alive an udder day to tell the tail? Dat’s what The Daily Noose is 4, our blogject wherein we rant casi diario in ℝeel-time + in tandumb archive the n-tire life uv 22/11/66, the site ware probly thriver meme will bee hostid, rather than the traditional dead-tree format [or if knot hostid, wheel undoubtedly xpand on thriver meme dare, cuz The Daily Noose is wear we rite a bout what we's writing a bout (is dare anything else to right a bout?)]. The medium uv Inurnet god’s moss far-reaching rhizomes, where landgauge is free to interact con otros idiomas, free uv the riders that rode us + the horsis they rode in on.

∴ weave established dat our target demo = posthumun + our target medium = Inurnet + the carrier lingo uv 22/11/66 IDendefies who we is, a signature fingerprint, case dare's inny poseurs or imposters fixing to say they came up w/ our idea 1st [smile! you're on candid camraw]... knot dat we give a w00t cuz a gain, who brot us int.0 the whirld ain't sew important as what/how we's written + de todos modos we don't putt no copyrite on nada so knock yo'self out yo if u want to publich this, dat onelie fathers our cauze.

22/11/2019 | DC> Ends up 22/11/66 [who also goes by Cal A. Mari, founding editor uv Calamari Archive] a greed 2 grayshusly cerealize dis @ http://calamaripress.com, ch x ch, as we ride her! Thx Cal + feliz cumpleaños 2 u 2. Cool thing about publiching on Inurnet sides the aforementioned razóne uv information bean free to interact w/ ∀ll the udder cyborgic information en el moondough, is dat nada gits «set in stone» as the sane goes [unless you're Keats, who had «Here lies one whose name is writ in water» etched on his tombstone in Rome]. U verry well might read dis sentence oggi then come back un altro giorno + ¡poof! S/he's gone or weave gone back + edited her. thriver meme bee a living, breathing dogument... onelie if ever dis gets publiched on dead tree pulp will s/he get set in stone or writ in hogwah as Keats wood halve her. Ain't no goin' back, buey! No undo [⌘Z] + in case u is perplexed a bout our unorthudox use [or abuse] uv landgauge, we rote dis hear «lexicon + primer» for A Raft Manifest, much uv witch carries ova to hear, tho our tongue ever evolves... 4 eggsample, «buey» [or bway or b'way] don't appear in this lexicon, bud she means «ox» in spañhole, a term uv affection for our fellow reader [et tu, brute!] ∴ tal vez debe call u ox going fwd>>

> Dis ∀ll said — bean dat this lieboro is sposed to bee writ from the pyschologickle state uv conchus competence [whereas as in The Becoming we was unconchusly incompetent + in A Raft Manifest we was conchusly incompetent, hence why u probly couldn't make heads or tales uv nada, ox] — ain't we spose to rite now w/ carwereck spilling + granmar w/ no earhorrors? Bee sighingtifickly objective + scribe accordion to The Gotham Grammarian [the in-house Calamari Archive style guide dat señor Mari in courages us 2 use]? If dis bee the case perhaps ya'll will come back hear in the fewchair + dis landguage will bee carwreckited? Or may-b our editor Cal will take her upon themself to doctor dis text sew s/he's understandable, if algo so google don't blacklist dis page as spam, ergo pink... d'acorrding to de Cart.

> Seams dam rite loco dat we bee righting dis when we's in the middle uv working on Textiloma: The Modern Epimetheus [vol II uv 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY'], a lieboro dat Cal has also enlisted us to scribe for hym, in collaboration w/ his long-dead airmano [a book we also might cerealize online, cuz Cal's beginning to think publiching dead-tree books is fewtile] + 22/11/66 [a.k.a. unknown artist 22/11/66 + now ½ uv Sound ƒuries] is also mustering to rap up dare 2nd album — 3 x 3 = S.S. — witch Cal is also cerealizing online as we speak. Bud 2 notches ago [on 21/11/2019] the parole «thriver meme» popped in2 our noggin so we woke 22/11/66 up at 1 a.m. + maid her [●] these hear words down in the journel s/he keeps next to their bed, along w/ un sueño a bout having sex w/ a levirate cyborg, witch probly will beecomb foldid into Textiloma [22/11/66 started to read Humanesis by David Cecchetto b4 hitting the sack, witch probly had a bearing on dis sueño + also perhaps seeded Thriver meme]. For the life uv her 22/11/66 couldn't git back to sleep [in pard cuz they drank a boddle or 2 uv red wine] so we maid 'em git up + read more uv Humanesis + then had him scribble «the onelie truths = those dat survive + propagate» in the margin uv pg 42 + then maid her start righting what you're reading in a MS Word dogument, witch now [7:42 a.m on 22/11/2019] we're gunna halve hym ctrl+C/ctrl+V in2 Dreamweaver, then post her on Inurnet, w/ URL http://calamaripress.com/tm/01.html [don't confuze tm w/ transitdental madaytension, ox... u's [the likes uv Lynch + Cave] don't god no trademarkTM on tm, in fact TM also lands as «text markup» in the middle uv HTML], bud u know ∀ll dis cuz u = hear, ola! The utter advantedge uv d'rafting dis on Inurnet is dat we don't godda fret nun a bout backing a copy up... can't use the excuse dat our god ate her + shd dog 4bid a meatier hit our house weed halve a backup or if 4 sum reason 22/11/66 kicks buckit then at least dis work in prawgress will carri-on... til we kin recruit a nether sap to finish her 4 us. Ademas, when 22/11/66 is travelling w/ his laptop [or wants to go up on dare roof or down in the lay-Z boy in the bay window where s/he sits now overlooking Swann St] s/he kin just edit this HTML file directamente. Dis ain't the 1st dead tree pulp book objet dat's bin liveblogged [Megan Boyle rote 1 for starters], bud perhaps s/he's the 1st coded in HTML? Tho we cheat + use Adobe Dreamweaver as a WYSIWYG3 editor.

> Spose we shd hint at the jist uv dis cerealizing book objet to putt a hook in yo cheek to keep u reading? Wile a lot has bin writ a bout Dawkin's Selfish Gene, we ain't sure no body has looked beyond geneticks to consider dat humuns are mere slaves to mashenes, sumping dat we ℝeelized 1 giorno standing on a busy intersexion in Rome in May uv 2018. In Humanesis, Ceccheto talks about sum fellow Dyens who extendid Dawkin's selfish jean theory to memes, cultural bodies, witch is silly cuz seams Dawkins already said dat when he coined the palebra meme? Like most uv these lieboros they's writ in high-flutin' sighingtific jargon dat acamedics is xpected to rite in, so we space out most uv the time. Bud this extension to cultural bodies ain't what we's tocking about, ox. To quote ourselves [when we was standing on dat coroner ova a yr ago]:

We god to thinking dat dare's a pairallele to the Richard Dawkins meme set 4th in The Selfish Gene (jeans use us humun bodies as v-uckles for dare evilootion), dat computers are using humuns for dare propagation (not the udder weigh around). The onelie thing dat makes sillycone-based life forms diffrent from oreganic-based 1s is the abilidad to procreate, bud mashenes circumvent dis isshoe by using humuns to keep proliferating them. Then standing @ this intersexion we thought holey mackerel, we humuns halve bin slaves to mashenes ∀ll a long! We think weave bin using automobiles for our benefit when in fact cars halve bin using humuns for dare one replication. We might bee in the «driver's seat» bud it's the mashenes driving us, to create them in the 1st place. And every1 staring at their smartphones — lord nose we've rantid b4 + so halve plenty others, how smartphones are turning humuns into mindless zombies — bud we just came to this sudden ℝeelization standing on dis coroner dat dis «selfish mashene» analogee goes deeper to ∀ll forms uv technologee, ∀ll humun construcks, from architexture to uzis, anything dat musters to (as Schrödinger puts it in his What is Life book) «concentrate a stream uv order on itself and thus escape the decay into atomic chaos.» The sucksessfull non-organic, organized structures halve found a loophole by tapping in2 the humun propensity to self-organize + consume. Terence McKenna already said this in terms uv agriculture: «animals are something invented by plants to move seeds around.» And same is true uv livestock + pets (their sucksess as species hinges on bean useful to us). Beyond lifeforms + technologee it's true uv most ∀ll organized formations, even art... artists think they're creating «art» when in fact art creates us to give pertickler pieces uv art continued life, to give the illusion dat they — a pertickler arrangement uv colors, shades, objets, sounds or text—is important + needs to be preserved for prosperity sake. To a'void the D-K 2 K-OS. + rampant consumerism gits tethered in2 this, by attaching an economic value to a piece uv art or fruit or car + especially now in this day + age what fuels ∀ll this is humun ego. Self-awareness blinds us to what's ℝeally happening. Inurnet has given us the illusion dat each individual comes 1°, prompting them to take selfies, tweet, etc. uploading more + more, buying more + more iphones, etc. etc. etc. at the expense uv the planit + all the kind animals b-sides humuns living on her. And little do we know the humun factor is fast becoming obsolete. Soon humuns won't even be needid to drive the cars. Our governments are no longer formed by humun vote so much as computer-manipulated data. De todos modos, not shore if we articulated dis rite, but seams a significant IDea wheel likely return 2 flesh out moss.

> Ed eccoci qui. ◼


1 Refuting de Cart's «cogito, ergo sum» [i'm pink ∴ i'm spam] + contrary to Niche, god ain't dead, IT just never lived.
2 In the preseeding volumes 0 [The Becoming] + 1 [A Raft Manifest] uv the overarching WEST OF KINGDOM COME quadrilogy [of witch this = vol 2].
3 What You See Is What You Get.

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