thriver meme
              : a posthumun autobiopsychogeography of anon I’m us


> best we get our in a row, on the same page re:guarding style (fonts + whatnot) cuz how we role hear (F.Y..I.) is we use a prior chapter to seed the next, ergo (∴) inny stylistic choices propagate + keep on keeping on, like how 1 makes yogurt, or kombucha, using scooby mama 2 seed the proximate batch. shore, seeing as we's righting dis in HTML we cd use CSS (cascading style sheets) bud we aint dat oregonized ore high flutin'. we's hyperspace cowboys. de todos modos we strive 4 absence of style much as we can, whatever IT takes 2 reach fluidity + , même disclaimer from ch 1 applies hear in dat dis is a work-in-progress, ever under deconstruction.

+ no appy polly loggies (as Alex told us droogies) 4 inklooting ∀ll these house-keeping notes w/ in the tXt of dis dbook objet, wich we aint shore wheel ever see light of day as a ℝeel (dead-tree-based) liebro. hay cosas 2 consider if we due goto print, like 1) B+W printing is way cheaper than color ∴ we shd only use grayscale images + perhaps shouldn't have the titles in yellow (#daa520 hex 2 bee x-act) + wheel halve 2 rewind [<<] back 2 the last ch + change accordionly, retrofit 4 consistentsea. printing w/ a black background + white tXt (a bit off-white 2 bee x-act (#d2d4d4) 2 B EZier on them eyes) probly aint the best IDea ether + a waist of ink, bud will cross dat bridge when/if ever we goto print.

> in 2013 on 5cense we rote «I 1992 ble en shipping kasse inneholder 28,000 gummi ender tapt på sjøen når det falt over bord på vei fra Hong Kong til Tacoma, Washington.» naut shore Y we typed in Norwegian... in the same post we rote (google-x-lated) dat folks wood come outta the woodwork + cause us psychical harm, Y we slip into coded gestures + vague ambiguity (like sleeping in the bath)... naut shore hoo we was refurring 2 or may-b dis was froidian? a cauldron of H20 caldo we found ourself in, extrapolated from rubber soles 2 the poles, a mishap dat happend @ 45°N LAT 178°E LONG, near the INTL date line. Y in the 1° place did we tock a bout these dam (+ udder plastic bath toys) except dat they halve since helped revulotionize our understanding of 7-sea current$ea + helped 1° IDentify what we now call the «Pacific Trash Vortex».

> dis massedge in the boddle is ∀ll 2 say: invented humuns too spread them a cross the planit, naut the udder way around. we also blogged about the Kon Tiki (Thor Heyerdahl var norsk, kanskje vi skrev på norsk?) + how in 2010 a David de Rothschild navigated «Plastiki» (a raft made of 12,500 repsychled plastic boddles) on the same route Heyerdahl took w/ his Kon-Tiki... thru the GPGP (Great Pacific Garbage Patch). we finished dat post by saying (in Norwegian) «holed this thawt, wheel recapitulate her @ a later date»... vvell, her er vi! Ǝccoci qui. muster as u might, axidents happen... or (naut 2 be doomsday) due they?

01/01/2020> hour semaphorical gourney begins @ the mouth of Colonvia river, wear IT joins the oceanus (οκέανος) dadastream. in ℝealidad we (the entity inhabiting 22/11/66) scribe in present tents from our house on Swann St. in D.C., riflecting back ½ a ¢entshorey... on 01/01/1970 we was ether living in Mazatlán or Portland, OR. 22/11/66 was 3 yrs old, the age when 1 1st starts 2 form memarys. they say taking a bath w/ = the most commun 1st memary + the moment of 1st self-awareness1. honistly we don't member taking a bath w/ a but member the rim of our childhood tub had a cage where u put used bars of soap (too small 2 handle), the IDea bean dat once plenty of these REMinants had a'cumulated then u'd halve a hole new bar of jabón. our 1° memary = taking a shower w/ Marea (our made), our i-balls rite @ the height of her bush. memary #2 was of a cuchara2, blue w/ white dots, simalure 2 this 1:

22/11/66 can still taste the pozole3 on our tongue.

02/20/2020> thriver meme has bin sidelined cuz weave bin busy rapping up Textiloma. the jeans of our dead brother compel us.

03/03/2020> if we rote this + never posted it, does it Ǝxist? what of ∀ll the unpublished righting in el mundo? dis'Carted leftovers.

03/04/2020> our hermano died 23 yrs ago today, the originul author of Textiloma.

04/04/2020> never thought in our lifetime weed say we were amidst a global pandemic, but hear we ℝ! further evidents dat humuns = mererror vessels 4 viral propagation of other's code, hoose vector spread aint unlike the above . 2020 will be REMembered 4 this, «social distancing» will = the Oxford word-of-the-year, the año we ∀ll beecomb virtual stay-home sentient beans. Inurnet assumes cuntrol of our distribution networks, responsible 4 the food + medesin keeping humuns alive just enough 2 make moss machines. a 0.125 micron virus has humanity on it's knees, enslaved under house arrest... who wd of ever thunk?

> humuns as mererror vesseled viral vectors.

> memary #3 is on un avion when our dad told us 2 draw pink elefants. the pilot announced we were biginning our descent to Houston + 22/11/66 said 2 nuestro padre pensamos que Disneylandia era en Los Angeles (donde prometió llevarnos). he gave us crayola + paper + told us to draw Σumping + we aksed what + he said «i dunno, pink elefants.»

> we disembarked @ IAH but never left the airport. we god on another plane to PDX. after dat whenever 22/11/66 spoke español our padre doused our tongue in Tabasco.

> memary #5 we was in the coroner den on Caroline drive watching Mr. Green Genes (on Capt Kangaroo) + 22/11/66 herd a honk + looked out the window + saw our mom outside in a Navy blue VW bug + then our stepmom toll us to sit down + watch TV + she called the police + we oscillated between watching Mr. Green Genes + sneaking a peek out the window to watch our (ℝeal) mom get arrested.

> nun of this matters nun 2 the overarching story, suffice 2 edmit dat the vessel 22/11/66 inhabits is biased based on our upbringing. our memary aint so reliable + in addition (½ a lifetime later) the landgauge we use is skewed by clanging disorder. we're suckers 4 side FX, 4 how sumping sounds naut nessysorrily what IT means. how can 1 know if they are of sound mined living inside our one cabeza?

> 1 of the 1st pieces 22/11/66 ever published was this page in Diagram 1.3. recapitulating Elizabeth Bishop's 1st moment of conchusnest:

05/04/2020> sighingtists use the mark test too detourmine if an animal possesses self-awareness. the animal is knocked out then marked on part of the BwO/dy the animal cant see, such as a red dot on the 4-head. when said animal recovers from the anesthetic IT is given access 2 a merehorror. if the animal touches or investigates the mark IT indicates the animal perceives the riflected image as itself rather than of another.

> if an animal aint @ least bodily self-aware (dat they is Δiffrent from the rest of environment) IT might eat ITself!

06/04/2020> seams we're stuck gazing @ hour one navel, 4-ever looping in an endless psychle of self-conchusnest until death delivers us. in volume 0 (The Becoming) we called it kumtux, the Chinook jargon4 word 2 understand, bee conchus uv.

> kumtux is @ the crux of what we're getting @.

> nada matters w/o self-awareness (unless abscense = ∀ll dat matters). furthermore, the onely relevant tXt shd (to parrotphrase N. K. Hayles) interragate the inscryption technology dat produces IT + mobilize riflexive loops between ITs imagined moondough + the matereal apparatus embodying dat creation as a psychical presents. lupus looping the fruit of the loom parrot under where we abide.

> parrots don't pass the mark test BTW but magpies do. Perro's also fail the MSR (mirror self-recognition) test.

>in The Becoming we claimed 22/11/66 was raised by a wolf, witch ain't far from verdad... we had a god Zorro when we was a kid dat was ¾ lupus.

naut onely halve gods effectively used humuns 2 propagate their species, but they've used us 2 selectively diversify their DNA in2 new breeds (not 2 mention feed 'em + clean up their poop). as of 2day, the boy (so-named 22/11/66) in the above photo is 1 in 7,775,908,013 + counting. Σum 360,000 bebes get born each day, 250 per minute. the world is in crysis cuz so far this year 69,527 ppl have died from COVID-19... a drop in the bucket cumpaired to birth toll. even if dat menny ppl died every day it wd scarcely make a dent in population growth. folks get their knickers in a knot over death but don't think twice about birth tolls... 360,000 every day. dat's more than Hiroshima, Nagasaki + Dresden combined. it wd only take a month or 2 for the # of births to counterbalance the final tally 4 ∀ll of WWII.

> 130+ million babies = born every year... think about dat #. the media goes on + on about those relatively few dying, but Y aint nobody talking about the impact of the humun birth toll on the planit?


1 haha, if u's x-pecting us 2 quote our sorces, we don't pertend for 1 second 2 bee sighingtifickly accurate.

2 a cucaracha we member 2, laying on its back on chipped terracotta tiles beneath a bare electrickle socket, a memary indelibly linked w/ the smell of clorox.

3 hominy in a spicey pig-foot broth garnished w/ cabbage, cilantro, onion, radish, lime + chili sauce.

4 trade landgauge used by natives to the land we was born.

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