words by (parole di) LUCA ARNAUDO
art by (arte di) ALDO BANDINELLI

44 pages | 10x15 cm
English | Italiano


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WORDATLAS is a prosimetrum written by Luca Arnaudo for the occasion of the exhibition of Aldo Bandinelli, Word Atlas, curated by Federico Faloppa during the conference Transnational Italy: National Identity and the World Atlas, held at the University of Reading in July of 2012.



PAROLATLANTE è un prosimetro scritto da Luca Arnaudo in occasione della mostra di Aldo Bandinelli, Word Atlas, curata da Federico Faloppa nell'ambito del convegno Transnational Italy: National Identity and the World Atlas, tenutosi presso l’Università di Reading nel luglio del 2012.


«Really, the image of a snow-white text in which everything mingles and vanishes seems disputable, because it leaves out the possibility for elements to settle and endure. For instance, this is what’s happening with Aldo’s recent small white paintings. The words drawn on these minimal paintings remind me of a sequence of elements that I have admired along the walk, clear in the snowfall like shapes and underlying drawings, traces of a map that could have been useful if the snow had continued to fall and I had lost my way in the park—the ornament on a sarcophagus converted into a planter, the broken arm of a statue, the iron rhythm of a gate. And behind the gate a lemon, bright like a small sun, hanging from a snow branch.»


artwork by Aldo Bandinelli from the booklet:


campo 1


Fermo Restando


      grigio grigio 1


grigio grigio 2


grossa grandine grossa


acqua tinta


Silberschnitt 1

silberschnitt 2


tuttle 1


tuttle 2


If you are interested in acquiring any of these originals (20x20 cm, pastels on cardboard, 2012)
or any other works by Aldo Bandinelli, contact Calamari Press

Se sei interessato ad acquistare uno di questi originali (20x20 cm, pastelli su cartone, 2012)
o qualsiasi altra opera di Aldo Bandinelli, contatta Calamari Press.

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