Calamari Archive


Calamari Archive is currently considering submissions.

Please familiarize yourself w/ the Calamari Archive catalog + manifesto before submitting, not just to see if your work is a good fit for Calamari but that Calamari is a good fit for you + your work. Most notably, Calamari Archive does not publish copyrighted works. Nor does Calamari make money, or even attempt to, so anyone seeking fame + fortune should look elsewhere. The book object itself is our target unit of currency that we hold in reverance above all else.

Many of the books that have found their way into the Calamari catalog have done so thru Sleepingfish, the farm team for Calamari. If you are unfamiliar w/ Calamari + we are unfamiliar w/ your work, it would behoove u to 1st try an excerpt or short piece for Sleepingfish. W/ both Calamari + Sleepingfish ∞ (the current, indefinitely ongoing online issue), we are particularly interested in submissions that build on the archival narrative of Calamari/Sleepingfish + submissions that challenge + subvert the usual notions of author vs. book, fiction vs. poetry + text vs. image, particularly collaborative, anonymous ± self-authored art/text hybrids. We are not interested in straight up story-telling ± lined poetry.

Calamari encourages artists of diverse backgrounds to submit, not just in the usual sense, but for example the godless, nomads whose identity is not tied to any place or attribute, people who choose to take the stairs instead of an escalator, who choose not to have children, who use endangered or invented languages ± people w/ conflicting juxtapositions of backgrounds/lifestyle choices—all w/ the caveat that this attribute that makes you different or marginalized shouldn't need to be what your art is about + of course that your work fits w/in the Calamari scheme of things.

Submissions should be sent by email (specify whether for Calamari Archive or Sleepingfish ∞) using prevailing notions of courtesy + common sense. Carpet-bombed submissions that do not reflect familiarity with Calamari will not be read. We typically only respond in the affirmative, so if you haven't heard back after ~2 months, assume it is not a good fit.