Calamari Archive


If you are not familiar w/ Calamari Archive + we are not familiar w/ your work, it would behoove you to first try an excerpt or short piece for Sleepingfish (the sort of farm team for Calamari). We are particularly interested in work that builds on the archival narrative of Calamari/Sleepingfish + that challenges + subverts the usual notions of author vs. book, fiction vs. poetry, text vs. image, music vs. noise, etc.—particularly collaborative, anonymous ± self-authored art/text hybrids. We are not interested in straight up story-telling ± verse poetry. Art is our primary concern. As of Sept 2014, we don't publish copyrighted works + as of 2017 we only publish anonymous or pseudonymous works + are also releasing music in cassette format. In fact, Sleepingfish #14 will be a mixtape (of music, not spoken word). Please send MP3s, or, if over 10-20 mb, links to MP3s. Preferred genres: experimental, rock, punk, goth, noise + folk, preferrably recorded at home or in a garage.

Submit by email.