Calamari Archive


Calamari Archive is a Rome-based publisher of books + cassettes that currently releases only uncopyrighted + anonymous/pseudonymous works.

Calamari is also responsible for the 5cense blogject + Sleepingfish—a journal that is sometimes in print, sometimes online + whose next issue will be released as a mixtape.

If you feel you have something that would jive in Calamari Archive, please be aware that our intent is more archival than economic or fame-seeking—we don't have it in us to aggressively promote + participate in the current marketplace. Art is our primary concern.

If you have something for the Sleepingfish 14 mixtape, please send MP3s, or, if over 10-20 mb, links to MP3s. Preferred genres: experimental, post/punk, folk, goth, lo-fi, math/rock + noise, preferably recorded at home or in a garage.

Submit by email.