Starcherone Books


Calamari welcomes Starcherone Books to the archive. Founded by Ted Pelton, Starcherone Books (2000–15) was among the leading U.S. publishers of innovative prose fiction, both debuting new talents and supporting audiences of established avant-garde authors. These Starcherone titles are now available thru Calamari, via Asterism or Amazon, with more to come.


Endorsed by Jack Chapeau 2 an even greater extent

Ted Pelton

or Amazon


Cartilage and Skin

Michael James Rizza

or Amazon


Woman with Dark Horses

Aimee Parkison


Black Umbrella Stories

Nicolette de Csipkay

Foucault, in Winter, in the Linnaeus Garden

Michael Joyce

Little is Left to Tell

Steven Hendricks

The Petals of Your Eyes

Aimee Parkison

The Consummation of Dirk

Jonathan Callahan


The Compleat Memoirrhoids

Steve Katz


A Question Mark Above the Sun

Kent Johnson


30 Under 30

edited by Blake Butler & Lily Hoang


The Girl with Brown Fur

Stacey Levine


Animal Sanctuary

Sarah Falkner



Raymond Federman


Horse Horse-Floats or Horse-Flows

Leslie Scalapino


The Twilight of the Bums

Raymond Federman & George Chambers


You Are Here

Donald Breckenridge



Joshua Harmon



Jeffrey DeShell


Beyond the Techno-Cave

Harold Jaffe


The Blue of Her Body

Sara Greenslit


PP/FF: An Anthology

edited by Peter Conners


My Body in Nine Parts

Raymond Federman



Nina Shope


The Man in the Stretcher

Kenneth Bernard